Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting Away

I am sorry, but there will be no Friday Photo Shootout post on my blog this week. We are running away!!

I realized last night that this would probably be a 4 day weekend as school starts after next weekend. Then I remembered TJ saying that his sergeant wanted to try to get everyone to leave early today, so I began to think it was going to be a Thursday through Sunday leave and I was right!! This worked to our advantage because hotels are cheaper Thursday nights and we can take our time going tomorrow, rather than rushing when he got off work.

We have decided to take a short weekend trip to Kansas City. I found a motel for $40.00 a night!! We will be staying Thursday and Friday nights. On Friday night the Crown Center is showing the Wizard of Oz for free, outside. I also want to hit the Kona Grill at The Plaza for lunch or dinner one night for their sushi and Cheesecake Factory for their ----cheesecake!!!! Although they make a rather impressive colorful salad as well...we may be hitting The Plaza twice!!

Later today or on our way tomorrow we are going to stop at AAA for a map and a tour book and whatever else they can offer us for sightseeing!!

Now I am off to the gym. I need to prepare my body for all that yummy food!!


Carrie said...

have fun! :)

Jessica said...

How wonderful! Hope you guys have a wonderful trip. :)

Kim said...

Have fun!