Friday, August 21, 2009

The Greatest Grocery Store Ever

This evening my husband and I checked out the new HyVee in Manhattan. I have been wanting to go because I heard it had a lot of stuff and then today one of the teachers was telling us about it and it sounded amazing. So we went. And guess what?

It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

First of all, it is the biggest grocery store I have ever been to. And I have been in quite a few and some pretty large ones, but nothing like this.

Second, I can actually reach the top shelf in every aisle easily. That is very important to me and I appreciated that.

Third, it has a sort of food court. Salad bar, Chinese kitchen, Italian kitchen, and deli. But guess what? For $9.99 you get the Grand Buffet which means you can get stuff from all of those!!! I never even made it to the Chinese kitchen!! When the say GRAND they mean it!!

Fourth, in the produce section, in front, there is a display with vegetables from a local farm. Saves you a trip from going to the farm store!!

Fifth -- they have a health food section. An extensive health food section. An organic grocery store within the mainstream grocery store!!! Everything I would get at the organic and natural foods store is there in the HyVee!!! I can do all of my grocery shopping in one place!!! As crazy as this will sound, I actually almost got teary-eyed standing there in the health food section. All those lovely whole, natural and organic foods were right there in the the same store I can buy all my regular groceries.

Now, granted, the store is in Manhattan which is 20 miles away. And though they have good deals now, overall they probably do not beat the Commissary in savings, BUT everything I need is right there in ONE store!!!!!! Combine that with a trip to the farmer's market on Saturday and I am set!!

The only thing it is missing is a Sushi station and maybe they will eventually get that!!


Kim said...

LOL! I love it!

Carrie said...

Wow! That sounds incredible. :)