Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Think I Am Ready

I will mention again that there will probably not be a Friday Photo Shootout Post this week on this blog. Maybe if I upload some photos on hubby's computer late Friday I can do one.

Tonight was very busy. After returning home from the gym(I didn't go as far as last time, BUT I sure did sweat alot!!) I took a shower, then got ready for a HOG dinner ride to Wamego. We took the scenic route, of course, riding on some of my old favorite roads and on a couple of new favorites!! Gotta take the car and get pictures!!

When we got home about 9pm I set to work putting laundry away, then I packed. Without a list!! For me that is like jumping without a parachute. Since this was a last minute trip I did not think to make one until it was too late. I should have brought a paper and pen to the dinner!! I think I included all the necessities. I also found $4.00 in my pocket!!

After packing I took the map I picked up at AAA today along with directions I found on Mapquest and the Tour Book and found the routes to the places we want to visit. Who needs a GPS?? Give me a map and directions and I AM the GPS!!

Now I am just playing on the computer until TJ is ready to go to bed. I am quite tired from the gym and the ride(I still haven't recuperated from Cassoday!!) so sleep should come easy. SHOULD. I hate that word!! Sleep is most likely to come quickly :)

I will try to blog from KC if we can get internet in the motel. Much of our time will be spent relaxing there :)


Carrie said...

I LOVE finding random bits of money in pockets. :) Even if it's just a few cents. Every penny counts, you know?

Kim said...

Have fun in KC, GPS. :)