Monday, August 24, 2009

MDA Motorcycle Weekend

This weekend our local Harley shop, City Cycle Sales, sponsored some charity events for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

They started Saturday with a scaveger hunt. Prior to that they were also registering people for the poker run on Sunday and selling raffle tickets for various things, like a 50/50, a chance to win a whole or 1/2 a hog, and various prizes you could choose to put a ticket in for. There was also a silent auction. Anyway, the scavenger hunt started at 10:30am and you had 4 hours to find the 50 items, all with different point values. We made a valiant effort, looking at home, the Shoppette, then traveling to Manhattan and Wamego. The craziest thing was roadkill, but they advised not to touch it!! We took a picture. I will spare you that, but we found quite a good one!! It was a fox, which is a rare roadkill find to begin with, but the way it was killed was impressive. His back legs were still intact, but the rest of him, including his face and skull, were completely flattened. I named him Flat Skippy. Pretty sad, really, but if you are going to end up roadkill that is the way to go!!

After the scavenger hunt(we didn't win)we had chili from the chili cook-off then went home. I took a nap and then we went to our friend's house for Phase 10.

On Sunday was the Poker Run. First we stopped at Stacy's in Grandview Plaza for biscuits and gravy and a pancake

Then we went on over to City Cycle Sales to get our first 2 "cards" (they stamp a piece of paper)for the run. With 2 royal hearts it looked favorable for a royal flush, flush, or straight :)

I wanted a picture and TJ made me hold this sign...

(oh, I lost my skulls and roses head rag the day before so I bought a new flame one)

I made TJ do the same with the sign

Our friend, Ed, came, too and brought his stepdaughter, Nicole.

We were so proud of this kiddo!!! This was her first ride and she has only ridden like 3 times with him before. His backseat is highly uncomfortable, too.

Our first stop was in Alma, KS

At the 66 station

We were towards the front so I got pictures of all the bikes behind us coming in. There were over 50.

We got our 3rd "card" which was another high heart!! We also rested for awhile. And posed for a picture

Then we were on our way again. this time I put in my Ipod and was lictening to tunes by Randy Travis, Elvis Presley and Abba(among others).

Now, I thought we were going to make a stop in Westmoreland, but we only drove through. We ended up out by Tuttle Creek lake, where we extended the ride by taking a scenic route, then we crossed the dam over the lake. Our final stop was RC McGraws in Manhattan

By this time I was very tired and extremely sore(remember, we rode quite a bit the day before for the scavenger hunt) and was glad to sit down!!

We had a lunch of hamburgers, potato salad and chips while we got our last "cards" and determined the winners of everything. We were one card short of a straight flush, ending up with a pair of 9's. However, TJ did win a towel set and sponge!!

After all the prizes were awarded, Ed, Nicole, TJ and I fueled up, where Nicole also took the opportunity to clean her helmet

She also offered to clean our windshield, after showing her how the squeegie worked!! She had never used one.

On the way home we took the scenic route on MacDowell Creek Rd. It was an excellent day of riding!!


Patty said...

Looks like fun. My husband has a Harley - 2005 Heritage Softtail. We love going on charity rides (when I have time).

Love the 'Pending Sale' sign.

Keep the rubber to the pavement!

Carrie said...

Once again, it looks like you two have a blast! And the picture of the two of you is so cute. :)