Monday, August 17, 2009

More Schedules I Probably Won't Follow!!

It is fun making them, though!

This for if I do not do afterschool program(or until I do)

6:30 am -- alram goes off
7am -- get up, dressed, eat breakfast
7:30 --drive to work
8am --work
12pm -- lunch
12:30 -- back to work
3:30 -- drive to gym
4pm -- gym
5pm -- prepare dinner or do dishes or clean
6pm -- dinner and couple scripture study.
6:30 -- shower
7pm -- TV, computer, read, scrapbook, write, clean(if not done earlier) and personal scripture study. On Monday we will have our Family Home Evening at this time as well.

For if I work in afterschool program --
5am -- get up and dressed for gym (includes driving time)
5:30 -- Gym(oncludes driving time)
6:30 -- Drive home and shower
7am -- get dressed and eat breakfast
7:30 -- drive to work
8am -- work
12pm -- lunch break
12:30 -- back to work
3:30 -- Afterschool Program
5:30 -- drive home
6pm -- prepare dinner and clean
6:30 -- dinner and couple scripture study
7pm -- TV, computer, scrapbook, write, read. Clean if not done earlier. FHE on Mondays.

I'm not starting off so good!! I ended up eating breakfast on the way to work, then had a killer headache afterwork so I cut down my gym time and only heated up dinner for myself!! I did get a shower, but am not doing any cleaning. TJ went to a meeting so I don't know of we will do our couple scripture study, but I will do my personal one. Aldso I have been on the computer and i will read and maybe watch a little TV. No Family Home Evening.

I got my tentative classroom schedule for work and am pleased. Not at all where I thought I'd be, though!! I will be in 3rd grade most of the day, which I am thrilled about. I also get to do 4th grade math in my favorite teacher's class :) They haven't assigned me an early morning reading group yet.

Didn't weigh myself this morning. Will try to remember tomorrow!

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Carrie said...

Don't feel bad. I always make schedules I don't stick to. That's just how it always seems to work out. ;)