Friday, August 28, 2009

No Photos

Partly because I have been busy and partly because I could not think of anything to fit the theme this week!! And I didn't have time to look. Maybe the party tomorrow night will yield something.

We got the livingroom mostly done tonight and last night I cleaned the downstairs bathroom and most of the diningroom. I also did the dishes this evening. We will finish the livingroom and dining room tomorrow and do the kitchen. TJ already swept for me :) I know it is his party and I should be doing all the work, but I am also cooking for him and the party and will be doing the same for mine next month.

I almost had a major setback yesterday. During lunch recess I stepped in a gutter/hole and fell and rolled my ankle again. It hurt pretty bad, but I took ibruprofen and iced it and was able to finish out the school day. I iced it more last night and took ibruprofen again today and was just fine. It is just a little sore, not as bad as last time.

Tomorrow will be super busy. Gotta go to Manhattan for TJ's present, the farmer's market, party supplies, and groceries. Then I have to finish cleaning, make the cake, decorate, and cook dinner!! It will be worth it though. As of right now I have 18 people who may be coming!! Our little house is going to be PACKED. I am excited, though.

I will take pictures and share them on Sunday.

OH!!! I lamost forgot our other good news. I may have found a home for China. A teacher at school wants her and is asking her landlord if it will be okay. She is happy that China is declawed and spayed as she was worried about that expense :) Let's hope the landlord says yes!!


Carrie said...

Oh yay! My fingers are crossed that she'll soon be in a wonderful home. :)

Jennifer P. said...

Hope you find the home...and sorry about the ankle :(