Saturday, August 1, 2009

Outdoor Food at the Friday Photo Shootout -- On Saturday!!

Sorry for the delay. I wanted to get more pictures last night for this assignment(more on that later). It is Outdoor Food and was chosen by Girlichef(whom I am having difficulty finding a link for). I put a little theme on mine as well. And went off topic.

I will start with Sundown Salute and a picture I have used twice already, but again, it was PERFECT for this assignment!!

This was taken during the Hamburger Feed which is sponsored by the carnival company and cooked up and served by the fire department and other people in the community. It is FREE. The lemonade, however, is not. Well, their lemonade is, but the fancy one in the picture isn't. You buy it from people working inside a giant lemon(I never got a picture of that!!) It is fresh squeezed and so delicious. Especially the strawberry lemonade!!

Another night I came upon this intriguing sign....

I had to investigate. Once I knew what it was I got one on the 4th of July.

It is a piece of bread, topped with mashed potataoes, covered with beef and gravy and shredded cheese and topped with a cherry tomato. Yum.

If you swim in the ocean with one of these you could become outdoor food!!

The next set of pictures come from the Riley County Fair(oh yeah, it's fair season here in the midwest!!). If you are a regular reader you have seen them.

I have rules for the food I will eat at the fair. It has to meet one or more of the following criteria..
1. On a stick
2. Described with the words GIANT, COLOSSOL, TEXAS, etc.
3. Abnormally fried

In California and Florida the fairs offered up such delicacies as fried candy bars and Hostess products. All I have been able to find in Kansas are Fried Oreos. Until I found this....

Fried Milky Way on a Stick!! They also offered Snickers and Three Musketeers.

However, the Holy Grail of abnormally fried foods is this...


It is the original abnormally fried food that started the abnormally fried food craze!! It had been 3 years since I partook of the doughy gooey super fattening goodness that is a Deep Fried Twinkie!! It was heaven on a stick.

For the final picture, it is not going to to be of food. When I went to the final Junction City Generals summer collegiate baseball game of the season last night I had every intention of photographing the fattening ballpark food I consumed(hot dog, slice of pizza, nachos and cheese, funnel cake), but I totally forgot(I was too hungry!!). Instead I will show you a very special picture and give a little synopsis.

There were 4 people participating in the First Pitch ceremony. The final one was Frank...

Frank is on the Generals staff and it was his birthday. Frank is also on the high school football staff. He is at every game, he runs onto the field with the team, gets the crowd going and travels with the team. Have you ever seen the movie, Radio? Frank is our Radio. He is a very sweet and friendly man. I was very happy that Frank got to throw out the first pitch :)

That concludes this installment of the Friday Photo Shootout. Sorry it got a little off topic. I will try to stay on next week!!


Carrie said...

Mmmm...the deep fried twinkie is something I have always wanted to try but I always opt for the elephant ear instead.
Never heard of fried oreos...I'll have to venture into the abnormal fried foods!

Melissa said...

cool pics

Gordon said...

Thanks for posting. One of the downsides of a late post is that many forget to come back by. It was worth the effort. That was fun stuff. Thanks for all of your kind remarks and comments.

Carrie said...

Deep fried twinkies sound amazing. It's something I've always wanted to try...but always back out of. Next time -- that twinkie will me mine!! lol. :)

PS -- There's another Carrie...and she hasn't tried one eitehr? Well that's a coincidence!

Chele said...

LOL! This was a fun post. I would have been hitting the Alka-Seltzer hard and heavy by the time I go home. Fried foods and I don't like one another. lol

The fried twinkie was my favorite!

REDLAN said...

Am curious to taste that piece of bread, topped with mashed potataoes, covered with beef and gravy and shredded cheese and topped with a cherry tomato.

Thanks for sharing