Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ride and Rally

WARNING: Lots of pictures!!

On August 2nd, my hubby and I, our friends, and a couple other soldiers, set out on a journey to the midwest phenomenon known as the Cassoday Bike Rally. It takes place on the first Sunday of every month. It is something we have been wanting to go to for awhile. I did not think I would be able to make the 90 mile one way trip and would have to follow in the car, but I went on some preparatory rides and attempted it. Successfully.

Anyway, we met Kenny and Mandy at 8am at Stacy's Restaurant in Grandview Plaza(next to JC)for breakfast. A couple other soldier friends of Kenny's joined us, as well. After fueling up we set out on the long road. I was the only one riding shotgun. Mandy even had her own bike!!

On the way we made a rest stop in Strong City.

Then 5 minutes up the road we stopped again in Cottonwood Falls

for gas and the bathroom and water. All at Casey's!!!

It was also really cool when we stopped to see a bunch of bikes at the gas station and more continuing down the road to Cassoday. We were on the main route from the north.
Our next stop was Cassoday!!! Here is TJ in front of the rally....

Just kidding!!! That is just where we parked a few blocks away. Here are pictures of the main part of the rally..

Even without the bikes it is a really cute town

But we did not see even one prairie chicken :(

We did, however, see a whole bunch of cool bikes

and trikes

and these

TJ bought a patch and a pin and I got a pair of chaps for only $25.00!!(they are usually over $100.00).

We only stayed about an hour and a half, but it was fun

We found out later that there was about 3000 bikes there which was a record!!

On the way back we stopped at Casey's again.

Also, all the way from Cassoday to Council grove there were tons of bikes in front of us and tons behind us. It was a big ole trail o' bikes!!!! So cool.

We stopped in Council Grove to eat at Hays House,

but all the other bikers had the same idea so we settled for something simpler...

It gave me a chance to snap a picture of my favorite house in Council Grove!!

Our next stop was home. I was doing okay until we got to the Interstate. By then my knees were in pain and I was feeling a bit queasy. I made it to JC and thought I would be okay from the interstate to our friends' house, BUT I stretched my leg out at a stop sign and that made me hurt even more. I was literally screaming in pain, so TJ pulled over so i could stand about 5 minutes. That did the trick!!

I do not think I will be making anymore rides that long anytime soon, but it sure was fun to do once!!


Kim said...

You've been to some cute places! Very cool pictures!

Patty said...

Love all those bikes. My husband has a 2005 Heritage Softail. I have a Honda scooter. Heehe. I ride with him because I would look funny following him.