Sunday, August 23, 2009

Signs of the Friday Photo Shootout

Better late than never, right???? I think my goal will be to get these done on Thursday nights from now on!!

Also wanted to explain, the photos are supposed to be from our towns -- the towns we live in. However, I live on a military base, which is home, but I work in Junction City, which is the hometown of Fort Riley, so I claim that one, too. I also go to Manhattan quite a bit and they work closely with Fort Riley, so I claim that one, too!!

Without further ado, here are some interesting signs from my towns...

TJ and I are selling ourselves at City Cycle Sales in Junction City!!!

This was nice

The other side says "but don't depend on them"

There are 3 of these gas station/convenience stores in JC

Why yes, I do!!!

But I already have a job.

And over in Manhattan.....

Yes, you can also wash your dog there. Usually the sign has a more interesting message.

Nothing unusual or interesting about this sign, but the store itself is AMAZING!!!

Inside RC McGraw's

But you can't bring your motorcycle inside!!

And finally we have this curiosity

I know what the top one means, but not the bottom. Can someone tell me?

I am hoping in the next few days to have a blog about our MDA scavenger hunt and poker run. Check back!!


kent.. said...

The last sign is interesting. I guessed 'truck route' and then found this site that explains it:

Nice photo shoot. I used to live near Manhattan, so it's fun to see pictures from around town!

Robyn :) said...

Thank you, Kent!!!