Friday, August 21, 2009

Signs -- they are coming

I swear i will have photo shootout pictures this weekend!! Hopefully by tomorrow evening. There are a few more I need to get tomorrow during our Harley Davidson MDA scavenger hunt.

For this evening, though, we are going over to Manhattan since it has been a week since I have been there!! Gonna have dinner and then check out the new HyVee grocery store. I've heard it is amazing.

I had a great first week back at work. I got my schedule and I am working all day in 3rd grade, except for an hour when i go to 4th grade for their math. I am also doing some fast trak phonics work one on one with a couple kiddos--from the 3rd grade class!! I am excited for the challenege, and to stay primarily in one class all day.

No word on afterschool program, yet, but I am beginning to rethink wanting to do that anyway.

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