Monday, September 14, 2009

The Best Day of the Year

Today is my birthday!!! I am 34 years old. I would like to tell you about when I was born.

Here are 2 pictures of my mom(and dad) when she was pregnant with me.

3 months...

Yes, that is a wedding picture.

7 months....

It is hard to tell with the shirt she is wearing. That was a reception at my cousin's house for my mom and dad.

Interesting to note -- I had no idea about the existence of these pictures until I was 31 years old. My mom had them in an envelope in a lock box and forgot about them!!

Okay, back to the day I was born. I have no idea how long my mom was in labor(I should ask), but I know it wasn't too long. My dad used to tell me that she decided when she was ready for me to come out! The doctor was having dinner in a restaurant when they paged him!! I was born at 10:04 on a Sunday night.

I was an ugly newborn.

I got a little cuter a few days later

Okay, not really, but isn't my mom beautiful??

Then at my baptism

My parents look more like it was the 50's instead of 70's!!

a few months later

By my first birthday I was downright pretty!!

I should also note that I wasn't planned (obviously) and my parents had been dating for 5 years and decided this was a pretty good reason to finally get married LOL!! I was also 2 weeks early.

And that is the story of my birth.


GingerV said...

Happy birthday - I hope you have this written down someplace where it can be retreived in 20 years or so by your daughter.

Yes ask her about her labor, her thoughts, her dreams...

~JarieLyn~ said...

Happy Birthday. My husband's bday is tomorrow, as well as a childhood friend, and then my bday is on the 21st. It also seems that a lot of the blogs I follow are authored by virgos. I didn't seek it out, it just kind of happened.

I hope you have a really awesome day.

Oh, and you are right about your parents looking more like from the 50's than the 70's. They look really sweet.

Jessica said...

Awwww....Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful one! :)