Monday, September 14, 2009

The Birthday Rundown and Updated Labor Story

0 -- number of times my husband told me Happy Birthday today(grrr)

2 -- number of cups of donut holes I bought for my main class at school

2 1/2 -- number of birthday cakes I had(one was shared 4 ways :))

4 -- number of times Happy Birthday was sung to me

Countless -- number of times I was told Happy Birthday by friends and family :)(except my husband)

My boss also gave me an extra Payday(a candybar)and the PTA gave me treats and I got candy from the reading coordinator and a candle from my friend, Sandy. Plus I got to pick out homemade earrings at a jewelry party!!

I asked my mom about how long she was in labor. She said her water broke on Friday the 12th and she called the doctor. She said she was having no pains, but he told her to come in anyway and he kept her overnight. Since nothing was happening he sent her home on Saturday morning(the 13th). She felt nothing again until Sunday evening(the 14th) and they had her come in -- the doctor was on duty. She said this was about 6pm. The doctor decided to go home for dinner about 7pm because nothing much was happening again, but a couple hours later when the nurse checked her she decided she better call the doctor back!! I was born at 10:04pm. My mom says that my dad always said that as soon as she felt pain she said "that's enough" and pushed me out!!LOL.

So, my mom was in labor about 4 hours. Wasn't I an easy baby???


Kim said...

I think I told you that the same dr delivered Penny and decided that since Penny was my mom's first that she wouldn't come for a long time and he nearly came too late. The funny thing was that the dr who delivered me almost had to deliver Penny! And now the son of that dr is my gyno now! (Very weird how that ended up...)

BTW, happy birthday again! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Carrie said...

4 birthday songs? awww. :) Happy Birthday Robyn! Here's to hoping this is the best year yet!

Jessica said...

How sweet! I'm glad you had such a great birthday! :)