Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Farmer's Market City!!!

At least that is what it felt like.

I have lots of photos to share from the day, but this post will just focus on the City Market.

I first discovered City Market when we went to the Steamboat Arabia museum. It is behind the museum. We didn't explore it, though. There was no Farmer's Market that day. On our last weekend trip to KC I discovered they had aFarmer's Market and went. It was late in the day, though, and not too many vendors were still there. Today was a different story.

I went in the morning and this was the scene...

Super busy! It was more like a city than a farmer's market!!

The first place I visited was the Menonites' tables where I bought bread and a small Gooseberry pie

Next I perused other vendors' tables and bought the following...
Roma tomatoes

Gala apples

Orange and a green peppers

My last stop was the Italian Grocer.

One of the sellers outside was so nice and had a great accent. I bought 2 avocados and a bunch of globe grapes from him.

I was down to 50 cents by then which I gave to a man playing violin. Then on the way out I tipped a man giving a puppet show. He had also seen me taking a picture of the small sign and pointed out where the larger sign was so I could take a picture of that :)

One day I will buy flowers at the Farmer's Market

I was also able to go to a Whole Foods Market for the first time. I have been wanting to go to one and we ended up right near one. It is in Overland Park, KS.

I only made it through a quarter of the store and got this....

Walnut oil, sesame seed oil, granola bars and

Easter Egg radishes!!! My next stir fry is going to be so pretty :)


Ann said...

have never seen purple raddishes, with your bright orange capsicum, your salad will be very colourful.

Kim said...

Very colorful. You should think about investing in Photoshop. I got to thinking after seeing these veggies that you'd have fun with it.

Robyn :) said...

I thought about asking my mom for Photoshop for my birthday, but I got a motorcycle jacket instead. Geetting cookbooks and maybe some corelle dishes for Christmas so maybe next year!!