Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I think I am getting the flu.

My cough has come back and today I felt run down and a bit achy. No fever, though. I was going to go get a flu shot this afternoon, but then decided I better wait and see what happens(you are not supposed to get it if you already have it!!) which worked out because we were shorthanded afterschool. My plan was then to go Friday(on post), but they have gotten some more to do a clinic at the middle school so I may just go ahead and do that(if I remember my badge). I was supoosed to go Monday, BUT I forgot my badge.

I really hope I am not getting the flu. I had it 2 years ago and was hoping to get vaccinated before I could get it, but I have had so much exposure at school that I just may have picked it up!!


Carrie said...

I don't think I've ever had a flu vaccine... Huh. I didn't realize until just now.

Jessica said...

I've never taken it either, but lots of people do. Especially, the ones working around kids.

I hope you feel better soon!