Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting A Feel..

For where my husband will be spending most of his days in Iraq.

At this past weekend's Apple Days Festival they had some army vehicles on display. Not only could you look at them, you could also climb inside them(to a point) and really see what they are made of. My husband took this opportunity to introduce me to the Bradley

This is the vehicle my husband will be in while in Iraq.

It looks like a tank, but isn't.
TJ's job will be gunner

And that is the big gun he will shoot.
He will be in here

Once in the back of the Bradley he showed me where the driver sits

And where his seat will be

It is in a cage, basically.

The Truck Commander(TC) will sit with him. I told him I would get claustrophobic in that small space with no real windows to speak of. In case of an emergency the top opens and they crawl out of that.

Extra people can sit in the back. They call these people "dismounts" because they dismount from the truck to do their thing, like look around for the enemy. It is also for transporting people to different places.

None of them look as good as me, though. LOL Just kidding.
The roof in this part can also open so they can look out or escape. I had a view of an Apache and the festival.

And the hatch that my husband would escape from.

It was pretty cool to see what he would be in. It was nice to see how much protection would be surrounding him, though it felt very small in a way.


Anonymous said...

wow. All my best to TJ. I have always honored the men and women who fight for our country.

Louis's Uncle is in Afghanistan. Louis's cousin was sent to Iraq...he is currently recovering on U.S. soil, I believe in Arizona. He rode in one of those tanks too.

War is a terrible thing. It's because of our military - the bravest American souls - that we are blessed not to see combat here in the US.

I hope and pray all the best things for TJ.

Thank you TJ. I know I sleep at night because of men like you. I know my American way of life, and freedoms are protected because of men like you.
God bless, and Godspeed.

Robyn :) said...

Aw, Jen, thank you so much. I'll make sure TJ sees this when he gets home this evening.

Thank you to your family also for serving our country.