Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Still Not Over!!

I have been having a great Saturday and I am still not done!! After I finish up here I am going up to the craft room to clean some stuff out to make way for my photo albums, photo boxes and scrapbooks. I am transferring them from the livingroom so it will be less cluttered looking. I figure they belong more in the craft room anyway with all of my craft supplies AND my cedar chest that holds other memories. I plan to have the livingroom done this week for my tupperware party on Saturday.

Anyway, I thought I would share some pictures of my day so far with you. I started out going to Manhattan(no pictures there, though)to go to the library, HyVee, and the Farmer's Market. It was TJ's first time going and we shopped to the sounds of a parade over on Poyntz Ave. It was family day at K-State which apparently was an excuse to have a parade!!

After that we headed out to Topeka. We took Hwy 177 back to the interstate

We discovered a dirt silo

Once on the interstate I discovered TJ had put his uniform patches on the sun visor!!

For some reason this cracked me up!
Our first stop in Topeka was my favorite store

Then we headed over to what has become another favorite spot to visit in Topeka

This is where the teacher supply store is.

We decided to eat at the restaurant in this shopping center

and were able to watch a lady making pies in the bakery section of the restauarant.
Wouldn't you know, too, when we came out of the teacher supply store we saw one of the teacher's from school??? Not going to to the teacher store, but stopping here for a treat

After lunch we picked up a couple, too!!

Next we headed over to to the Harley Shop.

I noticed there was some kind of fair at the Expo Center next door. It turned out to be Cider Days Fall Festival and we would have gone, but you actually had to pay $7.00 just to get in!!! No thanks. We did find this cool mural behind the Expo Center, though

Next we drove south on Topeka Blvd to see some stuff we never saw before. This included the unincorporated town of Pauline.

We also found Forbes Field(which is on the grounds of the Air Force National Guard) and Heartland Park.

Then we headed back over to the mall with a quick stop at the party store to look at Halloween stuff. At the mall I bought a pair of black Khakis at Old Navy, on sale, plus 2 shirts(also on sale). At the Gap Outlet I got 2 shirts for $1.97 each!!

We then drove home with beautiful views of golden fields and a puffy cloud sky.


Kim said...

That scrapbooking store has the COOLEST designs! It will be nice to be able to go to one again! :)

~JarieLyn~ said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day. don't you just love driving around? That cupcake shop has the coolest name and the treats look very tasty. I bet that scrapbook store is loaded with all kinds of goodies. Great day! Thanks for sharing.