Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Last Day of "Normal"

Everyone at this time of year posts their 9-11 stories. I thought I would post my 9-10 one.

There is not too much I remember about 9-10-01 because it was a very uneventful day, but for a long time I considered it the Last Normal Day.

I know I went to work that day because it was a Monday.

I remember going to Michael's after work. I can't remember what I bought, but I remember flirting with the cute sales guy. That was what defined the Last Day of Normal for me. I went to Michael's.

I am not sure when things went back to feeling "normal" for me, but they did. The first step was seeing planes fly again after they were grounded for a couple of days. We were under one of the flight paths for LAX and very close to another and you really don't realize how much planes fly over until they don't.

The next step was finding more than a few channels on TV not showing coverage of the terrorist attacks. We did not have cable. The first night all the networks, local stations and UHF stations had it. Except for some obscure channel from who knows where that was showing Bonanza. I was never so happy to see Bonanza reruns.

That Friday I also went to dinner with a few friends and we had a great time. We had something to celebrate -- my birthday!! We went to TGIF's at The Block at Orange. Later there was a candlelight vigil in front of the movie theatres. On the way home we say some on the corners of Beach Blvd. They were not somber, though. There were people cheering for America, waving and encouraging cars to honk. It was festive really.

This Friday our school is participating, as many in the district will do, in a Freedom Walk. All of us will be walking together for 9 minutes and 11 second. the newsletter home encouraged parents to talk with kids about why we would be doing this. This made me realize something... a majority of them were not born yet. Those that were were too young to understand or even remember. They do not know what "normal" was before 9-11. They do not know how scary those days were. They do not know what it was like to see someone, anyone, on the street and just know that somewhere in their mind they were thinking about 9-11. I hope they never know a time like that in their lives.

What they do know is how to be proud to be Americans. They are growing up in a time where our country is celebrated more than ever. They are learning why this is. They might not understand exactly why we are walking on Friday(especially the littlest ones), but hopefully they will feel that they are a part of something important and meaningful.

It will not be a "normal" day, but it will be special.

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