Thursday, September 10, 2009

Old and Weathered Friday Shootout Photos

For some reason I completely missed the topic for this week and thought it was one of them for the next 2 weeks LOL!! I started on pictures for those, but not this week, but luckily I have pictures in archives for this.

The topic is "old and weathered", chosen by Pauline

Building in White City, south of where we live

Abandoned building on Hwy 57 in Geary County

Can General Longball be considered old and weathered?

State Capitol building in Topeka, KS

Old Prarie Town sign (not me!!)

Outbuilding on MacDowell Creek Road

Old stone buildings in Junction City behind the chiropractic skeleton last February

Some glimpses of Main Post on Fort Riley

My house is old and has certainly been through a lot of weather!!

For more info on joining the fun visit
Friday Photo Shootouts
Oh, and in response to a comment Gordon left on last week's post -- yes, Scout is a pampered pet, though not as much as he believes he should be LOL


~JarieLyn~ said...

Great photos. I love old buildings. I think I have to dig in my archives for this week's assignment also.

Denise said...

Old stone buildings in Junction City is certainly an interesting shot.

Mary said...

Nice pictures. I like the stone buildings.

GingerV said...

my fav is the abandoded building on RT 57 - good job.

Gordon said...

Abandoned buildings stir the imagination. Thanks for participating.

Pauline said...

I love that abandoned building! And the skeleton, can't get much more aged and weathered that that!!

Robyn :) said...

LOL, I wasn't even thinking of the skeleton, just the buildings behind it, but I wanted to show him :)

Linda said...

The state capital building is impressive. Does the dome leak? We have an old dome in our town and it leaks horribly with rain and snow. The weathered stone buildings have a great patina. I loved your choices. Thank you for the interesting collection of shots.