Saturday, September 5, 2009

Old Traditions and a Dancing Hot Dog

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures to go with my post as I forgot my camera twice!!

First of all, I have increased followers again so welcome!!
Second of all, I may not get to view all the comments or other blogs for a few days as I think my husband put a virus on my computer and it tries to block some websites from me!! A friend is supposed to come over to try to get it off.

Now on to my post subjects.

Last night we went to the first JC Blue Jay football game of the season. TJ won me a t-shirt before the game so now I can show my spirit!! We sat by my friend, Laurie, and her family, which is always a good time. The team now has the title of Defending STATE CHAMPS which is exciting. The team this year looks as great as last year's. The equipment manager, Frank, was in top form as well last night and now sports a t-shirt that says Frank The Tank. The band and flag team has an awesome program this year as well with Aretha Franklin's Respect. As the score was 33 to 0 at the half, we left after the halftime show. We knew that either the Blue Jays were going to win or if the other team made a comeback from that we didn't want to see it!! I saw later on WIBW's PrepZone that the game ended up at 49 to 14. The other team was the Highland Park Scots and may I just say I am so glad they did not bring their mascot! We will be trying to attend as many home games as possible this season(and maybe a couple away games) and hopefully I remember my camera!!

This morning I slept in until 8:15am and then spent the morning in Manhattan. First I hit the downtown Farmer's Market. I only bought an onion and some yellow juliet tomatoes. Then I went over to the smaller Farmer's Market and got some brown eggs. Then I went to Hastings.

When I still lived in California and right after I moved to Florida, one of my favorite things to do on Sunday mornings after church(back when I was Catholic)was to go to Barnes and Noble, get a coffee drink, find a good book and settle into one of the comfy chairs and read. I quit that after becoming Mormon(the coffee and Sunday morning parts), but would still occasionally go to the store to read. Not as often, though. I have not done that at all here in Kansas. So it has been 3 years. Barnes and Noble is all the way in Topeka. We do have Hastings, though, so today I went and got a frozen hot chocolate(not the same as at Serendipity in NY!!) and settled into a comfy chair in the cafe with some entertainment magazines -- US, Life and Style, InTouch and People. I bought OK because it had the Twilight stars on the cover and says they are engaged(yeah, right) and I knew my young friend, Nicole, would want it. It was a wonderful way to spend a morning.

Next stop was HyVee for grocery shopping(that is my new favorite store), but they did not have a couple of natural foods I needed so I made a stop at People's Grocery. Despite the fact that HyVee has a large natural and health foods selction, I don't think it will hurt little People's Grocery(a concern a couple of teacher friends shared) because they had a quite a few customers and they have stuff I cannot find at the HyVee.

My last stop was in Ogden before going back on post. First I helped Fill the Boot for the MDA(put money in a fireman's boot). Then I tried a new eatery. Ed's Dog House. How awesome is it that there is a food place dedicated entirely to hot dogs so close now??? They replaced Taco Joes. They have a variety of different hot dogs and give a military discount. I tried a hot dog with tomatoes and guacamole(I held the onions and sour cream) and it was the best hot dog ever! While waiting for my hot dogs(I got one for TJ, too)I saw a new Free credit commercial which was cool(I love those!!). Then, when I left the hot dog place, there was a dancing hot dog in the back of a truck(he had been taking a break when I arrived)rockin out to Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal. That just about made my day perfect :)

Tonight we may go to our friends' to play games and possibly barbecue(I bought a slab of ribs). I also need to do the dishes and marinate a couple things. I wanted to do some cooking ahead for the week, but the proper pans are not clean, yet!! So I will clean them then do the cooking tomorrow. Resting on Monday!

How is everyone's weekend going?

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~JarieLyn~ said...

It sounds like you have a nice weekend planned. Those ribs sound good. And I love hot dogs too. I've never had one with Guacomole though.

My weekend is going to be very lazy. Nothing planned, no friends to barbeque with. Just me and the husband and our dog.