Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two for One Lucky Me!!

I celebrated my birthday with a dinner tonight with not just one, but 2 cakes!! I guess since it has been about 16 years since I had a Baskin Robbins icecream cake for my birthday I had to get 2 of them!!

What actually happened was that our friends told TJ they would buy the birthday cake and he forgot so I went out and got one and they showed up with one!!! LOL My new friend, Amanda, had given me several goft certificates so I got mine at a discount. I added ice cream, too, in case anyone wanted some chocolate.

Anyway, here is the one I bought....

I couldn't resist the pink!!

Here is the one they bought...

It was personalized!! The 2 cakes together matched my 2nd generation traditional birthday table cloth!!!

For dinner I made spaghetti with mostly homemade sauce(I roasted some Roma tomatoes and sauteed canned mushrooms, zucchini, green pepper, garlic, dried onions and yellow and orange tomatoes and added canned tomato sauce). I also had a colorful salad(lettuce, shredded carrots, and pink and purple radishes)

Ed lit the candles and had a really hard time with the 4 as it was bent over. Ironically (or maybe not) that was the candle I had trouble blowing out!!

These are what the cakes looked like inside....

White cake and strawberry icecream

White cake and chocolate chip icecream

After dinner and cake we played Outburst(from 1988!!) and Scattergories. It was a great time. Scout, as always, got lots of attention :)

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