Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Up, Up and Away!!

I apparently have a lot to say this evening!!!

Anyway, most of you know that my husband is a soldier and we are in the US Army. I say "we" because for better or worse when I married my husband I not only committed myself to him, but to his career as well. As with most jobs, I can't separate my life from my husband's career. It isn't just a matter of attending an office party once or twice a year or some other function, it is a daily participation. I have to live up to certain standards as well. I need to play by the army's rules. What I do reflects on my husband and his career. I can't make much of a fuss if I don't agree with something because what they say goes. It can be extremely frustrating, but there are benefits as well. We are provided a home. We have complete medical coverage. We have awesome opportunities. The good far outweighs the bad.

I like to share bits and pieces of my army life (and things outside the army) on my blog. For the past 2 years, since my husband returned from deployment, he has been working with MIT teams(units from all branches of the army that spent a few months here training for their deployments)on ranges, getting them qualified and providing security while they shot weapons. According to my husband and others it was boring and a little bit frustrating at times as some of the people had never handled those kinds of weapons(we are talking people like medics) and they guys running the ranges would have liked to be shooting, too!! Sometimes the ranges lasted over 24 hours. And although some of us may have complained about our husbands being gone all day or all night and having some weekends cut short, the mission actually allowed are husband to be here TWO FULL Years, ultimately THREE, before deploying again.

Now, though, my husband is in the phase known as "standing up" or "training up". For the next year his brigade will be doing those things that will prepare them for a year long deployment for Iraq. More soldiers(mostly of lower rank)will be coming in to the different battalions and companies(units). There will be weeks when my husband is "out in the field" which means he does not come home. He will be at some nether regional part of Fort Riley, camping out. There will be a month when he is at the NTC(National Training Center) at Fort Irwin in California. He will be on 24 hour ranges practicing shooting weapons. This is a preparatory time. preparation for what the soldiers will need to do in Iraq and preparation for the families to be without our soldiers.

I missed this last time. By the time we were married and I had moved out here the field days were past as was NTC(my husband even missed that one). The longest he was gone was overnight either on guard, staff or CQ duty. This was for 2 months and then he deployed. I knew this was what was going to happen.

So this whole experience of standing or training up will be new for me and I will be sharing it. When deployment comes I will share that experience, too. You will be able to find the entries under Life As An Army Wife. What I hope to do is give my followers a glimpse into my military life -- the good, the bad and the confusing. If you are military maybe you will find comfort in shared experiences or answers to questions you didn't know where to ask. If you are non-military maybe you will gain an understanding of what military life is like (a little -- this is just my experience). I will gladly answer any questions(or try to answer them) and explain anything you would like. There will be times when I will complain and that is because I need to vent and I feel this is a safe place to do that. i will share the joys and the heartaches with you.

It is a very exciting, though somewhat stressful, time right now and will be for the next 2 years, but it is a journey that I embrace with open arms, for my life will be so much richer with the experience.


Kim said...

Cool! You should come out to visit when he goes to Fort Irwin! :)

Robyn :) said...

Kim, I thought about that, but unfortunately they can't have visitors while at the NTC :( Otherwise I would have made a weekend trip there!!

Once he deploys I will be making trips out there for Christmas, maybe Spring Break and a whole month in June

Carrie said...

"I say "we" because for better or worse when I married my husband I not only committed myself to him, but to his career as well."

Ain't that the truth. ;)

You definitely have the right attitude! I know it's going to be rough, but hang in there and keep smiling. You're not in it alone, dear. There are tons of us in this boat together! :)