Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When Work is Better Than Coming Home

I am pissed and this will be a ranting post. Mostly directed at the Army and their questionable decisions and rules. The not so wonderful part of being an army wife.

Okay, anyway, I had a pretty good day at work. I even got a special birthday song sang to me because the class was too out of control yesterday to do it so they did it today :) I went to go to a training meeting after for afterschool(in anticipation of being hired), but they did not have it, but I was still in good spirits(even though I could have been home earlier).

Then everything went downhill. First I got cut off. That always puts me in a foul mood. A couple miles later I was behind a slow car. I got in the other lane but got stopped at a light behind 2 cars. The slow car pulled up in the other lane. At this particular light if you go straight through you are supposed to turn at the gas station and our lane goes onto the one lane road into post. The stupid slow car pulled ahead of us and cut us off.

When I get to the gate there is a long line of cars waiting to get in, but no one in the visitors side so I went through there. The guard asked why I came that way and I said because the line was long(I have not had a problem doing this before). He told me I couldn't do that. I said to him "you mean to tell me that I live here and have to wait in line while people who don;t belong here can just drive up and get in ahead with no waiting?" He said yes, it was a visitors only lane. I said that was not fair. And stupid. Not that I mind having visitors on post, but I live here and subject my life to these crazy rules and restrictions and I think I should have the right to go into any avauilable lane at the gate. It's not like the guard was doing anything!!! He could get his lazy butt out and take care of some of the waiting cars. Oh, and can we talk about how many times visitors ignore the visitors sign and go in our lane and then we have to wait while the guards stop outgoing traffic to let those people turn around to go into the visitors lane(thus also holding up traffic on the other side as well??? Real fair.

Soooooooo, after that I come home and my husband informs me that he will be going away for a month to learn how to fight fires. WTH????????????? He is not a firefighter. That has nothing to do with his MOS. If it had something to do with preparing for deployment I could understand, or if it was something like air assault or air borne which could be used in his job, but fighting fires????? They do not get a firetruck attached to their humvees. A fire extinguisher, maybe. It made no sense, but that is the army for you. So I start to calm down a bit and then asked who else was going. He gives me the names of the 3 other people and I begin to realize something about all 4 of them -- NONE of them have KIDS here. That right away got my suspicions up. Why are they only sending guys who have no kids here? They know that all of the guys in the company will be away from plenty during this year with being out in the field, NTC, guard duty, staff duty, CQ duty and what have you. This is another month that these 4 guys will be away from home. Why didn't they also choose someone with kids here? Did they think that would be unfair to their families? Did they think that would be too hard on their families? Well guess what? That is called discrimination. If they are going to choose people to go away for an extra month they should not be basing it on who has kids or not. I am really hoping that it was just coincidence. I asked my husband to ask why he was chosen and he agreed he would. I am really curious to know.

And as long as my mind is forming consipiracy theories I also suspect that if he learns how to do this then they can make him work for the post fire department which would keep him away from home more as well. Again, of this was to be his main job, no problem, but if it is in addition to preparing to deploy, then they are going to have one unhappy army wife to deal with. Not that I would go to them complaining or anything(I know how the system works), but they might start to realize something is wrong when everytime they ask my husband how I am doing the answer is DEPRESSED or when they see me I am never smiling.

I realy hope that I am WRONG on all accounts.

And that is part of the downside of being an army wife.


~JarieLyn~ said...

The whole time I'm reading this, I'm picturing you as one of the characters on the tv show Army Wives. I watch it every week. Well, I hope things look up for you.

And I totally agree with you about the visitor's line. What's the big deal which line you go into if you live there?

Robyn :) said...

My life is not nearly that dramatic :) Just today LOL!!!