Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crazy Medicine Adventures

I think the treatment is worse than the actual ailment!!

Okay, yesterday, my ear started to hurt. It has been blocked up for about a week, since I had the bronchitis and flu. This happened once before so I wasn't worried, but once it started hurting I got myself to a doctor right away. The ER, specifically, as that was all that was open yesterday. I went just in time, too, because what started out as a dull ache turned into a very intense pain. Turns out I had a alot of fluid built up in my ear. No sign of infection, just fluid pressure. The course of treatment prescribed was a nasal and oral decongestant to relieve the pressure, penicilin in case it becomes infectious and 800mg Motrin and Percoset for the pain. Alrighty, then. I took everything right away.

Okay, first, about the Percoset. I have never taken it. As it took my pain away in 10 minutes, I fell in love with it. The side effects I could do without, though. I thought it would kock me out, but no. It knocked my body, but not my mind out. This was fine when i wanted to spend the evening farming on my computer and then reading scriptures, but when it came time for sleep, my body had a nice rest, my mind did not. I am not sure I actually slept any. And I was thinking about the most random stuff, too, like Halloween and Christmas. Which brings us to today.

I went to work. I had to be at work. I had to be there for the kids and for my coworkers. I was able to get up this morning with no problem. I went to the shopette and got a Monster. Made it to work. Was doing fine(just had a little trouble hearing at times)until 4th grade math. I began to notice that sometimes the teacher sounded far away or that I wasn't really there. It got worse during reading. I felt completely disconnected. I hoped that eating would help, but it didn;t and I ended up having to go home. On the way I realized what may be causing the problem.

The decongestant and the Motrin. The decongestant is like Sudafed which always makes me feel like I am on speed(or what I imagine speed would feel like since I have never actually tried speed). Add to that 800 mg Motrin which tires me out and we have a conflict. It was essentially like I had taken an upper and a downer and was having a bad trip. Lack of sleep did not help either. I came home and took a nap.

Now I am not quite sure how I feel. I am alone so there is no one to talk to to determine if I feel disconnected. I am not taking any pain medicine until I actually feel pain again. I am feeling the effects of another decongestant pill, however. I think I may start to just take the pills at night. It will take longer, but at least then I can function at work. I can take the nasal spray for the next 2 days. They said the blockage will probably be there for up to 8 weeks and I am pretty used to it already. What I can not tolerate, however, is pain and the feeling like I am not all there.


Kim said...

OUCH! Feeling any better?

Robyn :) said...

feeling much better. well, ear is still completely blocked, but i did not take the decongestant and Mtrin together so i actually feel like I am here not outside of myself. scary.