Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flu Ruins Everything

I had a subject for the Photo Shootout this week. A really good one. The theme was photo study of a building and I was going to show you our state capitol building inside and out. It is a beautiful building. I have lots of pictures of it. I think everytime I go there I subconciously do a photo study of it!!

The flu has curbed those plans, though. I can not sit at the computer long enough to hunt for all the photos. And I do not have a laptop to do it in bed. Next computer will definitely be a laptop.

I also do not officially have the flu, meaning I have not been formally diagnosed. I was diagnosed with mild bronchitis. That was before I developed a fever. I was told that the antibiotics they put me on would help with the fever, though. It hasn't really. Well, not that I can tell. Maybe they have kept it at a manageable temperature(no more than 101). I am currently waiting for a call back from the advice nurse to see if I should actually go in and get diagnosed. I also need to see what the recommended time for recovery is. I know I am not supposed to go into school until I have been fever free 24 hours. Last time I was down for like a month and I will not let that happen this time as I have a job I need to go to (I did last time, too, but it was a crappy job I could care less about). It seems like people who have had this have been out for like a week. If that is the case I have until Thursday. OY. I think one more day is all I can take of staying in(and away). I am going to consult the advice nurse and my boss to see what is the best thing to do. Also to see if they want a doctor's note. I may need to hit that cursed ER!!

Any advice??


Patty said...

So sorry you are sick. We will be looking for you next week.

BTW, one of my cats is in love with your cat. But he wants to know if it is a boy or girl before he sends a love note.

Take care.

Ellisa said...

No advice, but I hope you're feeling really well.

Robyn :) said...

Patty, it's a boy.

Anonymous said...

hey Robyn,

be careful with Scout, cats can catch colds/respiratory infections!

Ok, I am not a doctor, and make sure you look at ingredients and stuff before you take any of what I recommend, particularly the echinacea, some people are allergic - but, here is what works for me:

Sweat it out. Hot chicken noodle soup, hot tea, oh wait - mormons can't have tea, I know, maybe some hot lemon water? I know there is a thing about no hot drinks, but y'all drink hot cocoa, right? I got the hot water with a slice of fresh lemon trick from one of Louis's mormon cousins, so it should be works, too. Also, stay warm and snuggled up. The fever is trying to kill the germs. Maybe some nyquil to sleep, so you can sweat it out while you rest. You'll have the weirdest dreams ever, and you'll wake up feeling disgusting, and smelling even worse, but, it works.

Also, I swear by Airbourne. I can't stand the taste, so I put it in a little dixie cup with water and hold my nose and gulp it.

Orange juice and vernors - not ice cold! and saltine crackers and toast. Oh, and I take echinacea supplements with the airbourne.

Ok, so go gulp an airbourne and an echinacea supplement, have a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup with hot lemon water and saltines, maybe a little vernors or orange juice, and a dose of nyquil. Then climb into bed under all your blankets.

When you get up, drink at least 16 ounces of water, not ice cold, and get a warm shower. Have another 16 ounces of cool water after your shower.

Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

p.s. nothing works like hot mint tea with a touch of sugar, no milk. If you are allowed, I'd go with that. But I understand if you aren't. When I was in Colorado with Louis, we were visiting his family, I had a killer headache. His cousin boiled some water and put a fresh lemon slice in, and I sipped it slowly. The lemon isn't overpowering, and it took my headache away.

Lemons are very healing, so I bet it would help you here.

Sorry, I re-read that, and I typed it as I would talk, I didn't mean anything negative towards the 'no hot drinks rule', if you and I were having a verbal conversation, that is what I'd sound like.

Hope I didn't offend, for sure none meant.

Feel better soon!

Robyn :) said...

Jen, you are so sweet!! I actually asked the bishop of my ward when I first joined about hot chocolate, too!! It is no coffee and tea because of the tanic acids in it(the stuff that turns your teeth yellow) and other addcitive chemicals. Back in the day I think those were probably the only hot drinks known so they just said no hot drinks!

Herbal tea is okay, too, because it only has natural ingredients. I have been drinking herbal tea and lemon :)

Maybe tonight I will switch over to Nyquil from Advil sonce I have been coughing and my nose is stuffy. I though I was the only one who had crazy dreams with that stuff!!

I put airborne in a small glass so i can drink it up fast too.

Vernors and orange juice sounds delicious!! If I wasn't coughing I would definitely drink that!!(the citrus irrtates my throat)

So far I have been fever free today!! i will try your remedies to continue feeling better!!

Chef E said...

Oh take care of yourself! Having asthma I know what it is like to have breathing problems and not feel good...sleep, a good book, and some hot tea hopefully will make you feel better soon...