Monday, October 19, 2009

Information Overload

We had a Battalion FRG meeting this evening to find out some important things happening with the Battalion, mainly what the schedule looks like for the next year!! It was really helpful.

The main thing is deployment and they are looking to be deployment ready in either September or October of next year, which is the rumor we have been hearing, so no surprise there. What deployment ready means is that the army looks at that time to see who is ready and where there is a need and sends them. This could, of course, be moved up(not as likely as they do need to be fully trained) or moved back. But a general idea is always nice.

Second thing is their month long NTC(National Training Center) stay at Fort Irwin, California. They are scheduled to go in July. Oy. Good luck with that. Summer in the California desert. They really got the short end of that stick!!

There are 2 block leaves coming up. These are times when whoever has leave time can take it. The first will be over Christmas and New Year's break, the second in August. This is where I, personally, may run into some problems. I go back to work in mid-August. I explained to TJ that he will need to try to schedule his at the beginning of August. A lot of people will probably be trying for this as they have kids starting school mid August as well. I told him, though, that if he cannot do that, he can go on leave by himself to visit family in Florida and I will take my own vacation in July to California!! I would like to spend the time with him, though.

They also gave a rough idea of when they will be on ranges and out in the field, but it was too much for me to remember!! I just know that that stuff will be happening so I won't be surprised. There is one 4 day weekend that may be compromised, which isn't bad.

The other point of the meeting was to let us know who our soldiers' leaders are and our FRG leaders. They also passed out surveys asking us about what we expect from the FRG and what we would like to see and do...that sort of thing. My big ones were getting information, having an open house where we can fire weapons(it's been done), and making sure we welcome new soldiers and families properly and get them the info and support they need. That is a big one to me because I did not have that. I would even be willing to be in charge of something like that. We have our own company FRG meeting next week and I am going to sign up to be the POC(point of contact) for our platoon(Cav Scouts).

I am really glad we had this meeting even though we had like only a couple hours notice and it ran a little long, but they gave a lot of good information. Hopefully all of our meetings will be like this!!

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Kim said...

Hope you can come out in July!