Sunday, October 25, 2009

Missing Out

I have been without internet since Thursday evening. I knew it wasn't because of the bill because I paid it. I tried turning the DSL box off and on and restarting the computer. My husband checked the connections. Nothing. So I called Embarq, now called CenturyLink. I was hoping there was just an outtage in the area. there wasn't. The rep said it was most likely interference from the phone line(even though I don't use a home phone)and if I put in the filters it would solve the problem. Too bad I had no idea where the filters were!! The rep agreed to send some out, however they would not arrive until later this week(poop!!). Oh well. Luckily, it started working again this evening, but I missed out on a whole 3 days worth of internet stuff!! So I kinda feel out of touch.

That's not all. I have been sick this weekend and last night I had a bit of nervous breakdown.

On Thursday my throat was hurting worse when I woke up(it had been hurting for a few days)so I made a doctor's appointment. I had also starting coughing again. I saw the same doctor who determined I still have bronchitis and recommended the antibiotics again. I agreed. He also recommended I use a humidifier(which I bought)and gargle with salt water(for my throat). Yeah, that wasn't really working. Anyway, I had a busy day of running errands and a restful evening. However, the coughing was bothering me. I woke up at 5 am and took a percoset because of my throat and the doctor told me that it has something in it to stop coughing(though he did not recommend I do that as it is the body's natural defense). I ended up sleeping until 2pm on Friday(I didn't have to work). I took another Percoset at 2 because now I had a headache, too. No antibiotics because I did not know of you could mix the 2. I went back to sleep. Woke up around 6. Had dinner. Took an antibiotic and an 800 mg ibruprofen. Hubby went to a friend's house and I went upstairs to watch TV. After awhile I started to feel queasy(I had earlier that day, too). I decided to go downstairs to get some soda water and ginger. That's when I noticed I was shaking. It was more noticeable when I held stuff. That scared me. I hadn't thrown up(which makes me shaky) and I wasn't cold. I called TJ and asked him to come home. I had a bad headache, too. We went to the ER. I think I only had to wait a total of 10 minutes(a record!!). They took my temperature with a $400.00 forehead thermometer.

The doctor was great. He did some neurological tests(really weird things to test me like slapping the palms of my feet LOL)and ruled out any problems there. He could not tell me why I was shaking(by this time it had stopped) but suggested it could be a bit of dehydration or a little anxiety. He said the nausea had mostly likely been caused by the antibiotics. So we decided I should stop taking those. By this time my headache was gone, too. I think all in all we were out of there within 2 hours. Another record!!

I slept a lot of yesterday or just lied in bed watching TV. I did not want to read for some reason. We were supposed to go to KC for a fundraising walk for down syndrome and I was disappointed to miss that. I also had planned to do some cleaning this weekend and that didn't happen. So last night I just started crying and telling my husband how stressed out and useless I felt and how I felt he wasn't helping or taking care of me(not true). I was just focusing a lot on negative stuff.

Today was better. However, I had to miss church because I was incredibly tired( I didn't fall asleep til after 2pm)and still feeling run down. I did manage today to get all the laundry(except TJ's -- he does his himself)done so that was an accomplishment. TJ swept the livingroom and that was helpful. Plus he did some dishes.

I will be fine for work tomorrow. However, I did come to a painful decision and that is that I am going to quit working the afterschool program. The couple hundred dollars a month are just not worth it. Those are 2 hours everyday I can be working on keeping the house in shape. We waste the money on eating out, too, because I am too tired to cook. Plus, it cuts into time I could be spending with TJ, which I should really be doing since he deploys next year. I want to be more involved with the FRG as well. So, the best thing for me is to not have a second job. I make enough at the one. I am going to talk to one of my friends who has expressed interest in working afterschool to see if she would like to take my place. If not, I will wait until they find someone else, but only for like another month.

That's all for now.


Kim said...

Wow. Feel better! Too bad we're never online at the same time.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Well, I hope you feel better. I know what it's like to be stressed out like that. That is the main reason I closed my business. I am so much happier now and so is my husband.

Carrie said...

First off, I hope you're feeling much much better now.

Second, I wouldn't worry too much about the day of tears. We all get a little overwhelmed sometimes. I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now with so much going on and your husband deploying next year.

I applaud your decision to cut the extra job. It sounds like you need both some extra rest and some more time with your husband. :)