Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Opportunities

I put in my "notice" for the afterschool program Monday morning. I checked with my friend first to make sure she wanted the job and she did. She actually needs it more than me so that reinfiorced my belief that this is for the best. I agreed to keep working this week(which I expected) until she can be hired. It looks like I may be working next week as well as her hiring process is slow. I also expressed interest in being a sub if they need me. So we'll see what happens.

The extra time, though, has made it possible for me to take on another challenge. This time it is a volunteer position and not as many hours.

Last night our company had its first FRG meeting. It was just informational, but they have some great ideas, especially about what the FRG should be and have been taking the right steps, so I am excited. I signed up for 2 popsitions. Key Caller for our platoon and Hospitality Coordinator(or chairperson).

First of, let me explain what the platoons are. If you remember, the breakdown of where my husband is goes like this...
1st Division(Fort Riley)
1st Brigade (out of 4 brigades)
2nd Battalion(out of ??? battalions)
HHC Company(out of HHC, A, B, C, D, and E companies)
Scout Platoon(out of Scouts, medics and mortars and something else)

So, I would be the Key Caller for the Scout platoon. Information would first go to the FRG leader and then she calls the key callers for the platoons and we call those families in our platoons. We also help the FRG leader with organizing events and stuff. We are also points of contact for the families. This is something I really wanted to do because I wanted to help other people, especially those that are new or confused or lonely or just need friends. I did not have that when I first came here(I was handed a piece of paper at a picnic) and it was very difficult and if I can prevent that for other people then I will be happy. I want the wives and girlfriends and families of our soldiers to know they have at least one person they can turn to or count on here.

The other position I signed up for is hospitality coordinator or chairperson. This is a continuation of the above. I would be the person that makes sure new people are welcomed properly and given the information they need. I would also be in charge of sending cards and such for birthdays and anniversaries, marriages, new babies, etc. Just letting every person know they are appreciated.

I need to wait to see what position or positions I get, but I am really happy to be able to help out in any way and to get involved.

The tentative window for deployment is late October/November. That is when they are supposed to be deployment ready anyway. The tentative dates for NTC is July 2 to the end of the month. I am hoping that gets pushed back a couple days so the guys will be here for 4th of July. One person asked is that might change because July is when the kids are off of school and that is time the soldiers could be spending more time with their families. Unfortunately, that is not taken into consideration. And you have to look at it this way -- some group has to go in July. So there will be a group that will miss out on that family time. Looks like this year it will be ours. It's part of army life, you deal with it. I know that person would probably not be happy with that answer, but that's army life. You learn really quickly. oh, and in case you are wondering NTC is the National Training Center and basically it is a month of war games in the California desert :) Hooah!!!

Our HHC chaplain left us with a verse last night that will be our verse for ending meetings and it is Psalm 121, verse 7. I do not have my scriptures handy, but will add it later :)

Now we are off to a Haunted House. It is raining so maybe it won't be too crowded!!!


Carrie said...

Wow! Either position sounds both challenging and rewarding, and a wonderful way to spend your time. :) I think you'll do great with whichever you get.

It's so great that you're conscious of the needs of the people around you. Meeting people like you through blogger make me so much more optimistic about merging into the Army thank you. For the support on my blog, for supporting your neighbors...just for helping out. :)

Robyn :) said...

Thanks, Carrie :)

Kim said...

The verse is about the Lord keeping you from harm.