Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not the Flu(updated)

I once saw this skit on SNL where they were interviewing this soldier about getting assigned to guard the border between the US and Mexico. They were trying to get him to say how outraged he was to be sent to do that. The guy said, though "Look, there are 2 places the army can send you -- Iraq and Not Iraq. And this is Not Iraq" A minute later they show him in a sombrero having a margarita singing his own words to Margarita ville --"wasting away again in... Not Iraq!!"

Anyway, I do not have the flu. I have mild bronchitis. And I am not complaining because it is NOT THE FLU. However, there are still a couple downsides. One, the antibiotics seemed to have made me tired at work. I stuck it out, but that was for only half a day. Not sure what will happen tomorrow. Second, I have to wait to get a flu shot. I also am more sensitive to sulight, but I don't really care.

I do want to say something about flu shots, though, and that is I highly recommend them(unless it is a health hazard for you or something). I used to get them regularly when I worked in healthcare because they provided them at the workplace. While I was in Florida I never got them because I worked for Home Depot. I never got the flu. Then I moved here and I got it the following Spring. It was horrible. I was down for about a month. Normally the worst of it takes about a week to get over(and that involves a lot of bedrest), but I think that the stress in my life at the time -- deployed husband, just moved on post and a job I hated contributed to the severity and prolongedness. I had a alot of trouble breathing(I ended up with an inhaler) and was coughing for weeks. All I could do was lie in bed and watch TV and read. I had fevers, too. I was in the ER once and the doctor's office a couple of times. This hit on the day I moved so nothing was out. My friend, Mandy, was nice enough to come over and hang my shower curtain for me. For a towel I was using a towel/bathmat because that was all I could find. I was subsisiting on pretzels mostly, until Mandy came over with a pot, spoon and a can of soup!!! Then she got the flu. From me, no doubt. Ever since then I have made sure I got a flu shot. It is killing me to wait now, especially with so many people at work getting it.

So, if you have a chance, I would suggest getting one.

Updated: Okay, I may have spoke too soon. I have now developed a fever and chills. I may be going back to the doctor if it gets worse tomorrow.

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Carrie said...

Oh no! I hope you're okay. :/ Bundle up with some soup and a good book and get to feeling better!

PS--That first paragraph made me laugh an abnormal amount. I could totally see Kyle saying something like that... ;)