Friday, November 6, 2009


I have so much anger since yesterday and I figure this is the best place to sort it out.

The source of my anger is the massacre at Fort Hood. I know some people refer to it as shootings, but it was a massacre. Here are all the things that are making me angry about it in no particular order...

1. That it was a soldier. How do you do that to your fellow soldiers? This is a guy that acquaintances say was horrified by the stories he would hear from soldiers returning from war. Why would you create equal horror at home?

2. He was upset about a pending deployment. Why did he join the army then????? Was he under the dillusion that as a psychiatrist he would never deploy?? They need them over there, too. Lots of people get upset over deployment -- they don't kill other people over it!! They suck it up and go.

3. If he was that torn up over deploying and the war, why couldn't he just kill himself?

4. He disagreed with the war and argued with people who were for it. Hello?????? Why are you serving in the US Army then????

5. He was Muslim. There are other Muslims serving in this army. How hard is it going to be for them now?? The sad truth is that most of us will let this affect our judgement of Muslims in the military. Most likely they will be looked upon with suspicion. That is not right, but it is another consequence of this person's actions.

6. He desperately wanted out of the military. How come no one would let him out??? I know all the protocol, but come on. He was so desperate he was hiring lawyers and offering to pay back medical school money. That really shows a lot of desperation. Now look what happened.

7. If he was so desperate, why didn't he just go AWOL???

8. He had several bad performance reviews at Walter Reed Hospital. Why the heck would Fort Hood take him then??? Do you think your local city hospital would hire someone who performed poorly at another hospital????

9. We worry so much about our loved ones when they deploy, we shouldn't have to worry about their safety at home. Just because you don't want to deploy doesn't mean you take the lives of those who have or those who are willing.

10. He may die before we get answers and that would just be unacceptable. He needs to be held accountable and and answer for what he has done.

Okay, that is pretty much it.


~JarieLyn~ said...

I almost wasn't going to read your post because of the title. I didn't want to feel the negative vibration. But, I'm so glad I did and I agree with every single point you made. Bravo!

Kim said...

Yeah, I couldn't believe it when I saw on CNN that he was a psychiatrist!! I'm forwarding this on to my neighbor.

GingerV said...

I am sorry that you are feeling so angry - these question are ask over and over, no answers - thats why they call them senseless deaths.
I am glad that you are asking questions, trying to reason it out, anger on the inside just leads to more senseless actions.
hugs from brasil