Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bad Internet

I am still having internet problems and there is no resolution date in sight. Apparently there has been an outage poroblem in our area since October 13th and no date at this time as to when the problem will be resolved. I am assured they are working on it daily, though. And I will be reimbursed for not having it. Once in awhile it comes up at home, but i never know when. Right now I am at the library.

I am exploring the option of getting internet through the cable. It would one less bill as well. I am waiting to get the opinions of people who have cable that way. I did not do that before because I heard it went out a lot. Well, not having it at all, except maybe once a week for an hour is a lot worse, especially when they cannot give you a resolution date.

In other news, I quit my afterschool job and Monday was my last day. I am having a jewelry party on Saturday. My husband has CQ duty on Thanksgiving and I am seriously considering making a Turduckin :)


Chef E said...

I went on a trip and four hotels in a row I did not have internet, thought how did we survive before this...I had kids, LOL, no really I go bananas without it!

Kim said...

I get my internet through the phone company, as is obvious. Might be worth a shot to switch ISPs.

Okay, what is a turduckin? :)