Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Letter 1999

before i share this one with you, I thought I would give a little explanation.

I started writing Christmas "letters" as a joke. I was not a fan of them. basically because we would get some that were either full of bragging or mundane descriptions of the most boring things(like landscaping one's yard -- not a bad thing to write about, but it was extremely detailed ). Once in a while we would get a gem, though, like the one lady who would write hers as a poem!! My first one was a list of about 5 things, handwritten on a pad of paper. I not only listed something good about the year, I would include something bad(like getting sick) and something totally random like buying a TV on sale. Since some people liked to talk about extended family members in their letters(I was offended that a cousin wrote about my dad's death) I took it a step further and included a celebrity that was prominent in the news. I do not have the original letter, which I believe was written in 1995. I have the 4th(??) from 1999 and forward. Here is the 1999 letter.


Season's Greeting's !!!! I have had one busy year. Here goes:
1. Got a new computer and discovered the wonderful world of the Internet!!!!!
2. Changed positions at work and moved to a new location closer to home.
3. Moved back home.
4. Went to Las Vegas
5. Got stomach flu
6. Went to seattle and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
7. Got up at 6AM on thanksgiving and went to super K-Mart and bought a 19 " color TV for $98.00
8. Went to an Oktoberfest for the very first time and met a guy!!!
9. Had a kidney infection and was misdiagnosed as having kidney stones.
10.Went to Catalina Island for the very first time.

I hope you had a good year!!! Happy Holidays and Happy Millenium!!!!!

Apparently I forgot to list how my mom and a celebrity was doing!!!


Kim said...

And the funny thing is that I remember you going to KMart at that ungodly hour!!

Carrie said...

I'd never heard of Christmas letters before...It seems like a kind of cute idea, but I can see how it could easily be misused.