Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas Letters 2006, 2007

Well, I found an album I made last year for 2006-2007 and it had those years' Christmas letters in them so I thought I would post them. As you will see my letters are more lists, with a little humor in them. These 2 have themes as well. And I always include celebrities.

Robyn's 11th Annual Christmas Letter(2006)
Top 10 things I did this year

1. GOT MARRIED!!! To TJ Schmidt
2. Moved to Milford, Kansas (because I got MARRIED). made it from Florida in a day and a half!! My new address is....
3. Went on Honeymoon to Orlando, Florida(after getting MARRIED) and went to Sea World, Gatorland, and Disney World.
4. Fed alligators(at Gatorland on Honeymoon after getting MARRIED!!)
5. Visited beautiful Lake Wales, Florida(before I moved to Kansas after getting MARRIED)and rolled my car backwards up a hill(Spook Hill). Then went to Bok Gardens which is the highest point in peninsular Florida.
6. Visited the Russell Stover Candy Factory and Outlet in Abilene, KS(after moving to Kansas after getting MARRIED!!)
7. Saw my husband get deployed to Iraq(which sucks since we just got MARRIED). he'll be back in a year. His address is....
8. Went to illinois for Thanksgiving and California for Christmas(first time back in 3 years!!) and drove both times (and did I mention that I got married this year???).
9. Became a "Pie Princess" by helping the Historical and Archaelogical Society of Fort Riley(HASFR)make apple pies for 4 days, then played "Lady in Chains" for Fort Riley Ghost Tours(put on by HASFR)and was then asked to be secretary for HASFR(I'm still MARRIED, by the way!)
10. Hit a pregnant deer that ran out in front of my husband's car(I should mention one more time that I got MARRIED)

My husband, TJ, is fine and in Iraq serving in the US Army.
My mom is fine
Sadly, I no longer have cats. My boy, AJ, passed away from a bladder infection in March and Mama kitty was not able to come to Kansas and ran away from her new home.
Britney and Kevin are divorcing, but Tom and Katie got married. Finally.

Robyn's Annual Christmas Update(2007)
1. Started the New Year in California(while my husband, TJ, was deployed)
2. Made awesome firends(who helped get me through TJ's deployment)
3. Started bowling regularly(to pass time during deployment)
4. Adopted a cat -- Scout Riley Schmidt(to cope better with deployment)
5. Moved to a beautiful home on Post(while TJ was still deployed)
6. Got the Flu(TJ was on missions while being deployed in Iraq)
7. Spent 2 wonderful weeks in May with TJ(on R&R from deployment)
8. Attended my first professional baseball game with Lindsey and her awesome family9after TJ had gone back to his deployment in Iraq)
9. Saw REO Speedwagon live on the 4th of July for FREE at Sundown Salute in Junction City (while TJ fought for Iraqi freedom by protecting their truck drivers on his deployment)
10. Attended Oztoberfest(before TJ came home from deployment)
11. Welcomed TJ home!!(from deployment)
12. Bought new dryer (with money earned from TJ's deployment)
13. Went back to California(with TJ who is back from deployment)

TJ is doing great and back from deployment and driving everyone around all the time.
Scout is good and sweet and crazy and loves to play with candy and to cuddle with his mama.
Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan have had a really rough year.

I have some ideas for this year's letter, but no theme, which is fine. I have also decided on which celebrities to include :)

UPDATE: I have found my Christmas card supplies so the past letters should be there :) I will be posting them soon


Kim said...

Darn! I want a theme, Missy! ;) I remember laughing at the one where you mention dating what's his face-started with an A....

Robyn :) said...

Adam? That one is coming next :) The good one is the year after that where I mention breaking up with him!!!