Monday, November 9, 2009

I Oughtta Post That

Lots of fun things to talk about today. I'll start with the fact that I bought a Dooney and Burke purse for $10.00 at Goodwill!!! I also found a nice set of Corelle dinner and salad plates. Then at the DAV thrift store I found some more Corelle plates, plus a couple other light wait and vintage looking ones. I have enough now that I can get rid of the roosters!!! Thank goodness. They were a really nice wedding gift and were put to good use over the past 3 years, but I am so done with them. I may now have mismatched Corelle, but they are lightweight and durable and have patterns I love!! I'll take pictures.

After the DAV store I went into the new little antique store next door. She was only open for a few minutes, between picking up merchandise, but I found something I wanted -- an ALUMINUM CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!!!!!!! Bigger and cheaper than the one I previously found. In it's original box, too. Now I just need the color wheel. I was very pleased with that find.

Now, to switch gears a little bit. JariLyn asked me if I post my Christmas letter or just send it to family and friends. Well, in the past I have just sent it as I did not have a blog. Last year I did make one even though it was not sent out and I thought I posted it, but I couldn't find it in my blogger archives. I have it in my document folder, but it is a word document and since I have not reinstalled Word since I have done system recoveries, I cannot access it!! I may, however, have posted one the year before and will look for it. When I get out my Christmas stuff I will post the previous ones I have saved up. And of course I will post this year's!!!

Also wanted to mention what is going on this week in army life. TJ has today and tomorrow off, but will be in the field from Wednesday to Friday, overnight. This is the first overnight so far for this training. Will be weird not to have him here for that extended period of time as for the past 2 years he has only been gone one day and night at a time!! It's good practice for deployment, though :) And I have plenty to do around here and the cats to keep me company so I won't get lonely. We have also been getting to know a couple of our new soldiers and their families better. We also go got to see one of the new homes on post. They are HUGE!!!

Scout is upset because I won't let him outside without his leash!!

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