Saturday, November 7, 2009

Internet Saga

Okay, this is the story of the problems I was having with my internet.

Sometime last month it went off. The power light and ethernet light on my modem were on, but not the DSL and internet. I thought maybe it was because my payment was late, but after paying it it still didn't work. I gave it a couple days then called. The first person I called informed me the problem was because I did not use filters in my phone line. i tried to explain that i did not have a phone plugged into ANY of the lines, but he said it didn't matter. So I had to order filters(I lost the ones that came originally). Over a week later I still did not have them.

So I called again. This time the person said the filters would not do anything since I do not use a home phone. She said she was showing a problem in the area since October 13th with slow connections that could also be causing outtages. No resolution dates. Okaaayyy. So I went to the library to use the internet. Realized I could not do this everyday. Also, a comment a neighbor made led me to believe that I was the only one having this problem. So, on Thursday, I took my box and connectuion to my next door neighbor's(who has the same internet and it was working)and tested it. Well, guess what??? It didn't work there either!! So I figured it was my modem box that was not working.

3rd call. This time I got Kevin. He read all the notes and confirmed that the first guy should not have told me it was the filters. Said the slow connections in the area was for dial up and should in no way affect the DSL. Had me check the phone line with a regular phone to see if i had a dial tome and I did. he agreed it may be the box. He was also having another department run some tests from their end. He agrees to put in a request for our local store to trade out my modem. In the meantime I make TJ plug the modem back in. Well, wouldn't you know, it started working!!!! And has worked ever since. So I guess 3rd time was the charm.

Okay, so now I am wondering why the other 2 people did not think to call the other department have them test it and maybe reset something, which Kevin had them do. Now if it happens again I know what to ask them to do. Or ask for Kevin :)


~JarieLyn~ said...

If it happens again, turn it off, wait for about a minute and then power it back up. Sometimes we lose internet connectiona and if we do that it starts working again.

Robyn :) said...

We were trying that because the same thing happens, but when that didn't help we started to worry LOL

GingerV said...

AH! you aren't having internet problems you are having customer service problems. when having issues always unplug the modem, dance a jig for 15 slow seconds, then plug it back in. Always verify that your cables are snug in their slots. both at the modem and at your computer. turn off your computer after dancing the jig and let it reboot. if after all this then call customer service.... and don't let them '%$^&^&$*&^ you. thats my free advice....