Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's Not Too Early, Is It??? UPDATED

Okay, so last year I blogged about how I had the Christmas Spirit early -- you can read it here.

Well, it seems to be the same this year!! Even despite the fact that I and friends had a really crummy October and November hasn't started of so great, either. Maybe that makes me even more ready for Christmas!!

Anyway, I am ready to put up the decorations!!! My husband said to wait until after Thanksgiving, which is when I normally put them up. Poo!!! I decided that I would put up my Thanksgiving decorations and slowly and discreetly start putting up Christmas stuff like figurines so maybe he won't notice. Or not register what it is. I will leave the major decorating until Thanksgiving Day. He won't be home as he is the unlucky soldier who gets CQ duty that day(barracks monitoring). So, I have free rein of the house that day!! I don't cook on Thanksgiving, though I was considering attempting a Turduckin (chicken inside a duck inside a turkey) so there is nothing to do but decorate for Christmas!!!

We don't do the tree until the middle of December because that is when we can get a free one. I also put my name down at the antique store in town for an aluminum one and color wheel. They have both right now, but the tree is not in the best condition. I have seen some on EBAY, but I would rather buy one I can look at in person, first.

I would really like to have a Christmas party this year. I want to have a tree- trimming, cookie decorating, open house. I would put the ornaments out for people to help us decorate our tree and I would also prebake sugar cookies and have the table downstairs set up with stuff to decorate the cookies and plates or bags or tins to put them in :) If I can find an open weekend and manage to not get sick I think i will do that. Maybe I will even make a Turduckin!!!

Other plans I have is to do photo cards this year with Scout and then make cards for co-workers. Of course I am going shopping the day after Thanksgiving!!!! I also want to go to Kansas City to see the lights at the Plaza. I am seriously considering staying there for Christmas(maybe at the Crown Center Westin), too. Maybe that can be mine and TJ's present for one another :) I also plan to make some scarves for presents.

Anyone else have plans yet???

UPDATE : Forgot to mention that I WILL be bringing back the annual Christmas "letter" this year!! There was such an outporing of disappointment over it's absence last year that I will not make that mistake again!! LOL My only question is -- which celebrity or psuedo celebrity should I mention this year?? I am thinking Jon and Kate.


Jessica said...

How funny! I am in the spirit early, too. I've already bought two gifts, which I never do this early. And I'm dying to get out the decorations. I'm trying really hard to wait until after Thanksgiving, but we'll see if I last or not. :)

~JarieLyn~ said...

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I'm curious to read your annual Christmas letter. Do you post it on your blog or is it strictly sent out to friends and family? I am in the Christmas spirit already too and I can't hardly wait for the Christmas movies to come out. Since I am really into photography now, I thought I would take photos of Christmas lights, decorations, etc and send them out as post cards.

I like your idea about the open house. Especially, the cookie decorating.

Kim said...

Yaaay for the Christmas letter coming back!! :) Yeah, Jon and Kate sounds good to me!