Sunday, November 22, 2009

Matter Over Mind

This may come as a shock to you, but I think I tend to overthink things sometimes.

Yesterday while at Knott's I really wanted to go on Montezuma's Revenge. I waited until later when I figured the line would be shorter and it was. It was about 10 minutes long and in those 10 minutes I almost psyched myself out. I was almost sick with worry about going on the ride. I had been on it before and loved it, especially since it gave me a thrill each time. This time I kept thinking it was gonna scare me too much and be much worse than it was. I almost walked right through it and off, but I knew I would regret that decision so I made myself sit down and buckle up.

Well, once it shot out of there I had a blast!! Screamed the whole time and only opened my eyes 3 times. Once at the top of the first vertical end(when it started going backwards I felt like it was still climbing up!!), once when we went back through the station and when we stopped on the second vertical end. I wanted to do it again, but wanted to ride a couple other rides first. Then we ate and I was afraid to go on it and throw up. The one time was worth it, though, and, of course, not as bad as I thought.

Another thing I have been thinking a lot about is TJ going back to Kansas and not seeing him for 3 weeks possibly. I thought I would be horrribly depressed when he left and was sure I would want to go home on Friday to spend the weekend with him, but he left this morning and I am fine and am considering staying until next Tuesday again, if necessary. I think I got more depressed thinking about him leaving than him actually leaving!!

This is something I have always done so I am sure it will happen again in the future. I just have to remind myself that it always turns out okay in the end :)

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