Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Done, More To Come

Today was a lot more productive than I thought it would be.

This morning I was on the computer for 2 hours before I got up. We have my husband's laptop and can get wireless internet. Then I had breakfast then went up to the Quad with my cousin. We got an ink cartridge at Staples, ordered a sandwich tray for tomorrow at Subway, and went grocery shopping at Ralphs. Then we came home and my friend Kim came over for lunch. My cousin, Fran, came for awhile, too. Then TJ and I took my uncle over to my mom's house and we did sme stuff. We got the programs printed for the funeral and then visited my old boss, Dave, at the college. This was the first time he met TJ and he showed him the theatre which was nice. Then we went Uptown to Village Sweets and then to Del Taco for a snack. Then we joined my uncle back at the house.

My uncle had cleaned the patio and worked some more on the bathroom door. You can actually see the patio now. My mom had let weeds grow all over and the backyard looks like a jungle!! They also grew up through the cracks in the patio.

The neighbor came over and him and TJ worked on the front door. It now closes properly. I was able to box up all the kitchen stuff I wanted, plus sort through Christmas decorations. I still need to go through some boxes of stuff my mom packed up, plus the backroom where the slides are kept to set side and box up what I want. Family members have offered to help clean out the house and they can go over while I am gone and take anything they want and determine what to donate and what to throw away. I will probably be back out in March to put the stuff I want in storage and start talking to the realtor. The house is not in the best shape and may need some work before selling, which the neighbor, who is a contractor, has offered to do at a discount. I can also come out in July to work on the house.

It is not easy being a new instant homeowner.

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Kim said...

:( No, but you have people to talk to about this-and get advice from. See ya in a few hours.