Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh The Indecision and Miscommunication!!

Always a fun part of army life -- if you like unpredictability, frustration and unreliability!!

Anyway, here is just a wee example.... TJ's battalion was told they were going to the field 3 days, 2 nights this week starting Wednesday. So they all prepared by packing their field gear(or whatever they call all the stuff they have to take), letting family know, and buying anything they needed. I mentally prepared myself and was feeling a bit melancholy coming home from work yesterday thinking TJ would not be there when lo and behold, I turn down are street and see his white Trailblazer in front of the house. Well, I was delighted to find he was home, of course, but wanted to know why.

He said they are going next week instead. Now, I am not too sure if this was a last minute change in plans or planned all along. Maybe they just wanted them all ready to go. Or maybe someone higher up switched it up on them. Or maybe just the wrong dates were given. I don't know. But it happens. Often. It's just something to get used to and deal with.

Since he was off for most of yesterday he was able to take advantage of some of the free offers to veteren's and active duty service members like stuff at the Harley shop and a free dinner at Applebees.

When he goes to the field next week I will tell you more about the feelings I experience and how this relates to deployment.

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