Friday, November 13, 2009

Places of Worship at the Friday Photo Shootout.

Another fine topic that gets me looking through my archives :) I like to take pictures of churches and Mormon temples so that is what I will show you.

Let's start with the Mormon Temples. These are not really places of worship so much as a place to learn and grow spiritually, but they are houses of God so I will include them. This first one is my favorite. It is the Los Angeles, CA temple. It was the first one I ever saw from the outside and really fueled my fascination with Mormonism.

That first one is enlarged and framed in my livingroom.
Next are shots from the Winter Quarter's Temple in Omaha, NE

Some churches from our trip last summer. The first is a gothic church in Boston, MA.

Next is not so much a church as just a chapel, used for weddings, but I guess they could hold worship services here as well. It is called Chapel By The Sea in Warwick, RI

Next I have pictures of churches in Kansas. This first one is a Mennonite church, but I forget the name of the town(I want to say Goleta, but I may be way off).

Modern church in Topeka

I cannot remember where I took this picture but it is in Kansas and a Lutheran church

Methodist church in White City

Church in Wamego.

I think this one is in Hays

This final collection is from the Cathedral on the Plains in Victoria, KS. It is a Catholic church. It is just amazing.

This week's Friday Photo Shootout is brought to you by Rebecca


~JarieLyn~ said...

All gorgeous. My favorite is the gothic church and the lutheren church in Kansas. I seem to like the quaint old churches in small towns best.

Rebecca said...

Inside the catholic church reminds me of the churches in Europe. But my favorite is the White Plains church, it just seems more interesting.

Carrie said...

Wow, I love the one of the Mennonite Church. Beautiful! :)

GingerV said...

the first church is sure WHITE - close up also or just in contrast to the sky. beautiful photos.

I am going through blogs and pulling photos for ChefE to use on our new banner - she may not use yours the first time through - just be patient! I don't know how many she will use each header - but she will use one from each member eventually

Pauline said...

I love the spires against the blue, blue sky. And the altars/shrines. Some amazing buildings!

Chef E said...

Love all the shots of 'Places of Worship', in Texas growing up there were many, and on every corner...still are...