Thursday, November 26, 2009

Plan of Attack

I was hoping to have pictures to go with this post, BUT apparently my husband's laptop does not take SD cards from the camera. Poo!!!

Anyway, I had a lovely Thanksgiving and Black Friday preparation day today. I slept in again. Got up around 10am. My cousin informed me that the turkey was already done and we could eat at 11am if we wanted to. I was all for that. While she warmed up the sides, I started going through the Black Friday ads, marking the pages that had something I wanted and noting it on notebook paper along with the times the stores opened(I had also looked the times up online last night). Then we had a delicious dinner (my cousin makes the most fantastic mashed potatoes!!) and did the dishes and were done by noon!!

I then proceeded to cut out from the ads what I was looking for at each store and taped them to a sheet of paper with the store's name and time it opened. Then I put them all in order of where I would be going. It comes out to this:

The Quad
OLD NAVY -- $5.00 Fleece and $15.00 jeans

KHOLS -- Cashmere sweater, suede gloves, nice pants and football team holiday decor.
SEARS -- Small camcorder and a coupon
JC PENNEY -- Free snowglobe and curtains

TARGET -- Free gift card, digital camera, portable DVD player, digital photo frame and $4.00 movies.

COST PLUS -- Pet bed and house

JOANN -- 2 pack of albums

WALMART -- Portable DVD player, Jordache jeans, digital camera
BED, BATH and BEYOND -- coupon

Back to the Quad
BURLINGTON -- Fleece set and $4.00 movies

Now, I realize I won't get everything listed, but it is fun to try!! I also like the excitement. It is a little stressful, BUT a fun and frivolous kind of stress which is so much better than the stress I have been under.

We then proceeded to put the Thanksgiving and fall decorations away.

I also took a 4 hour nap this afternoon and we had a dessert of peppermint icecream, maple cookies and herbal tea. We will have pie on Saturday.

How did everyone else spend Thanksgiving?

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