Monday, November 23, 2009

Plowing Through

Today was a very productive day, but I am positively exhausted. Emotionally drained is probably more accurate.

The first thing we did today is drop my uncle at the house to do more yard work and then my cousin and I went to pick up the death certificates. Then we headed over to Social Security where the wait wasn't as bad as we'd feared. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the check we were returning to them was for October and so still owed, now to me. They have to reissue it in my name and I won't get it for awhile(plus I may need to provide a copy of my birth certificate to prove I am my mom's daughter), but I don't mind.

Next we picked up a change of address form at the post office, then went to the bank. However, the wait was too long so we left. The lady my mom and cousin always dealt with was moved to a different branch so we got her number and let her know what happened and are going to go see her instead. Or I can do it at home because I have the same bank!! Next we stopped at Carl's Junior for lunch and went back to the house. My uncle had gotten quite a bit more done like trimming back rose bushes and taking out a small tree!! After eating, we tackeld more boxes of packed stuff and finished with that, plus some loose things in the hallway she had set aside for her pending move.

It is with mixed emotions that I go through her stuff. Part of me feels like I am looting, but another part gets excited when I find certain things. It feels good to be making progress getting it done, but sad that we are having to do it. Claudia and I have both been finding things we want to keep and even my uncle found a couple of things, including a box of "treasures" he had as a kid!! Aparrently it was in with my grandma's things.

After finishing up for the day at the house, we went over to the realty office and left a message for the realtor my mom knows(my mom and dad bought the house through her back in 1978!!). Then we went to AAA and cancelled her membership. We then ate dinner at the Thai Table and got some Sees Candy.

We are now done for the day. There is still so much to do. We are waiting to hear from Claudia's lawyer friend because I may need some legal help. I am pretty sure my mom doesn't have a will so it looks like we will be going through probate. I need to go through her files and find her life insurance paperwork as well as retirement stuff. Then there is all that other stuff that needs taken care of -- bills and such. We need to go to the main post office to forward the mail to me in Kansas so I can pay her bills from there. We need to meet with the realtor and get some advice. I need to go through more of the house to set aside what I want before my family comes in to clean the rest out and take what they want. Then I have to come back to find out what work needs to be done to get the house ready to sell. Then I have to contract with the neighbor to do it. I am getting really tired just typing all that!!

I have verbally committed to staying until next Tuesday, but am not ready to buy the tickets yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow we take my uncle to the airport and then we are going to Target to buy a couple storage tubs and a pair of shorts because the weather is going to be in the 80's!!! Then it is back to the house to work some more. And maybe go to the bank and possibly meet with the realtor.

There is just so much to do.


Kim said...

I wouldn't think you'd have to go through probate since you are the only heir. Since my dad was an only child, I'll ask him what he did, because I don't think my Nana had a will.

Kim said...

Found out something tonight at work. Will tell you when I see you next.