Friday, November 27, 2009


Still planning on a photo shootout on Saturday or Sunday, but for now let's recapwhat has happened in the past week and a half.

I went to work one day and came home an orphan, a Buick owner, and an instant homeowner. And not a homeowner of any regular old house, oh no. I now own a house(or will after Probate is done)that is falling apart, figuratively. It is not in the best shape, but it is not hopeless either. It just needs some work to become sellable. But getting that work done will be a pain. I have had an offer, though.

I am actually looking forward to probate because it will give me a BREAK. I will not be able to deal with anything at that time so I have an excuse not to deal with it!! Ha!

I am also hoping that things can be put on hold until I can deal with them on my time, i.e. school break time. I need to go back to work. I need to be doing something productive that benefits others, not just myself. I am getting anxious being away so long. It's a symbiotic relationship. The school needs my service and I need to be of service.

I am not happy about being a Buick owner. I do not like Buicks. Never have, never will. Again, I am not really an owner until after probate. They can take that sucker if they'd like!!! It is going to get sold first chance I get and no longer need it!! The Saturn better watch itself, too, because it may double up with the Buick on a trade-in deal!!

I think all in all I am doing pretty well. Most of the time my spirits are high, thanks to wonderful family and friends :) I have my moments, though. Of course I cry because I miss my mom. I get frustrated about the mess she left for me. I get anxiety about what I will need to do and how it will get done and paying for stuff. It will get taken care of though. The money is there, it's just not all available to me yet. I don't expect much to be left over. I will not be rich, wealthy, well off or even comfortable. My husband and I will still have to work and save. But that is how it should be. We are grownups. At least I am, now :/

I am going to look into getting counseling, higher dosage Celexa and/or Xanax for emergencies when I get back. Tylenol PM can only do so much and really does not do what Xanax does. It eases physical pain and puts you to sleep(hopefully). Xanax actually calms you (then puts you to sleep!!!). I have been doing great the past 3 years on the dosage of Celexa I take, but now I am dealing with more so an increase may be in order. Counseling may be the best thing of all because sometimes just talking things out can be a relief, but I don't want to burden those who have their own burdens to carry. I'd rather get an objective perspective from someone who is paid to deal with other people's problems(and I will gladly let the government pay for that!).

Well, that has been my week and a half. In addition to getting my mother's affairs in order I have taken some time to do some fun stuff so that I wouldn't completely lose my mind!

I just thought I had another 20 years until I had to deal with all this!!

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Kim said...

I think counseling is the best idea. I wish my dad would have done that.