Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time Out

Today I took a break and just spent the day with my husband. a very busy day, but it was fun stuff. Early this morning, after getting new door knobs for the house and dropping my uncle there, TJ and I headed to the Fullerton Anaheim Harley shop. We bought matching shirts there. Then we headed to the Anaheim store at the Garden Walk shopping center, which was new to me. We got 2 more shirts(not matching)and a shot glass. Then we headed down to our 3rd shop in Huntington Beach and it was right by the beach!!! We had lunch at Ruby's Diner on the end of the pier. It was wonderful to see and hear the ocean again.

Then we went up to Knott's Berry Farm. It was free for military and a guest, but really we paid $6.00 a piece as it cost $12.00 to park!!!! Although the park was supercrowded, we were able to watch the stunt show twice, which we absolutely love, and road the train and log ride twice. We also went on the Mine Ride and Stagecoach and I braved Montezuma's Revenge!! Again that dinky ride terrified me, but it was so much fun!!! I also got a churro --yum! We did a little shopping as it got cold when the sun went down and TJ was wearing shorts and we both forgot jackets so we bought zip up sweatshirts. I also got a Snoopy pillow at 75% off!! And let's not forget the boysenberry Icee I enjoyed!! I actually got TJ out of Ghost Town, too, and I think we walked through the whole park altogether.

Tomorrow I will send TJ back home. I will probably go back to the house and start going through paperwork or some boxes. This week I will pack up stuff I want and put it aside. I will figure out some stuff to donate and others to throw away. I will go through my mom's files and start tackling the financial responsibilities.

But today I had a day to hang out with my husband and have some fun.

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Kim said...

Glad it was a good day! My dad reminded me of something I need to tell you about transferring the house to solely your name-when you get the chance to avoid getting reassessed for property taxes. My mom also said she'll happily give you the number of a real estate lawyer they used if you need to speak to someone about any of this. (They had to speak to him about an investment they had and they liked him a lot.)