Sunday, November 15, 2009

When You Have to Choose

I was invited to go yesterday on a scrapbook shopping trip to Topeka. My somewhat new friend, Amanda, invited me last week and I accepted. The scrapbook store was giving away a free gift with purhcase to the first 75 customers for their annual open house.

Then I found out that my husband's platoon sergeant was throwing a barbecue for the platoon the same day -- at noon. This caused a dilemna. I wanted to go to get to meet the poeple my husband works with and more wives and girlfriends, but I had been invited and accepted the invite to go to Topeka. Plus, that was another way to meet people as Amanda had 2 other friends I did not know going. People who are also scrapbookers and I do not have too many scrapbooking friends.

I decided to honor my first committment and go to Topeka. Talk about making the best decision ever!!! I met two awesome army wives and had the best time. The store was packed when we got there(I have never seen so many people in that small store!!), but 3 of us managed to get the free gift. Amanda had printed off a coupon for the store as well, as well as coupons for Michael's and Hobby Lobby. I was able to get a lot of Christmas stuff, including presents and gift making supplies. We went to Jersey Mike's for lunch and then DaddyCakes for dessert. The ladies had never been and fell instantly in love as I had. They also have a new thing called Frosting Shots, which is a tiny cup of just frosting. TO DIE FOR!!

I found out that I had an unusual amount in common with one of the wives. She is a Mormon like me and she grew up in the town in Florida that I lived in when I was there!! It was one of those connections that really proves what a small world it is, especially in the Army.

Anyway, I feel that I have made 2 new really great friends and look forward to getting to know them more(I already added them on Facebook and have plans for scrapbooking at Amanda's next week).

I did go to the barbecue for about an hour when I got back. I was kind of bored, to tell the truth, but glad I went. I met a few people, including one very sweet and polite little boy. I helped him with his shoe and he shook my hand and came running after me when we left to make sure he said goodbye :) My experience with that platoon barbecue was A LOT different from the first platoon barbecue I ever attended(when I first got to Kansas) where I kept mostly to myself and felt incredibly left out because I did not know anyone. I had even gone out to my car for awhile to read!! This time I knew people and wasn't so shy when meeting new ones. I also asked who a lot of the guys were. My goal is to know everyone in the platoon before they deploy. I need to start now because there will be more!!

I have been thinking a lot about how things were when TJ first deployed compared to now. It is amazing what experience and confidence will do for you.

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Carrie said...

Well it sounds like you made the right decision. :) I'm glad you're meeting so many new people! That's one of the things I am most excited for with my upcoming move... ;)