Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Blessing In Disguise

I will admit, when I found out that our winter break from school started on the 23rd(this Wednesday) instead of of the 19th(yesterday) I was less than thrilled. They were really going to make us go to work/school for 2 extra days?? My husband started leave on the 18th and I can't start until the 23rd????? I was not too happy.

However, with everything that has been going on, I got a late start on Christmas prepartions. Days and time I would have spent working on homemade cards were now being used to decorate and put up trees. I was in no mood to bake, either. I figured I would just make drop cookies(super easy) and maybe some sugar cookies with sprinkles.

With the extra 2 days of work, though, I now have the extra time to work on some cards AND bake for co-workers as well as friends. I even got the motivation to make my European Kolacky cookies -- 2 batches, maybe 3!!! I also had time to make a couple more ornaments so I can give them to the teachers I work with. My plan today is to make the first batch of Kolacky's, prepare the second batch and make 2 batches of drop cookies. I also want to set up a card making station in the livingroom and start making some cards!! Tomorrow after work I plan to make a second batch of Kolacky's and make cut out sugar cookies. And continue to work on cards. I am going to ask if I can take the kiddos home after school on Tuesday so they can help me decorate the cut out cookies and make some regualr sugar cookies with sprinkles :) I will perhaps prepare another batch of Kolacky's. And I will work on cards. Wednesday I will be delivering the cookies and having dinner with friends. And possibly be making that last batch of Kolacky's. Thursday we leave for KC.

How is everyone else's plans coming along?

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