Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Letter 2001

I started my cards today!!! used the ones my mom had already bought for fanily and friends. I am currently waiting on my photo cards. In the meantime, i thought I would go ahead and post the next letter in my series(it even has a theme!!)...

In no particular order this year I...
1. Happily broke up with my boyfriend
2. Got a new position at work AGAIN and now work days.
3. Saw a neighbor's son get arrested the night before Thanksgiving.
4. Got kidney stones AGAIN. Twice.
5. Went to Disneyland too many times.
6. Went to Seattle and Las Vegas AGAIN.
7. Saw my new favorite movie, Serendipity, 5 times.
8. Changed my email AGAIN and am now....
9. Went to super Kmart two mornings in a row at 5 and 6am to buy a TV and DVD player.
10.Wrote a Christmas Letter AGAIN.

My mom is fine
My 20 guppies are fine(except for the one I accidentally rammed into the side of the bowl)
Michael jackson is fine -- he looks scary, but he can still sing and dance!!

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