Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Letter 2003

I worked on my cards tonight. They are all stuffed, addressed labeled and stamped...just waiting on my Christmas letter. Here is the one from the year Imoved to Florida...

1. Moved to Florida!!!!
2. Moved into a new apartment(because I moved to Florida)
3. Got a new job(because I moved to Florida).
4. Got laid off from new job(in Florida)
5. Got an even better job at the Home Depot Customer Contact Center -- just 5 minutes from my home(in Florida).
6. Went Las Vegas for New Year's(before I moved to Florida)
7. Watched the Bucs win the Superbowl on TV(before I moved to Florida)
8. Joined The Chirch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints(in Florida)
9. Drove through bad lightning storms(in Florida)
10. Bought new furniture (because I moved to Florida)

I am doing great (in Florida)
Mom is doing great(in California)
Governor Schwarzenegger is doing Great(in Caleefornia).

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