Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Letter 2005

I mailed my cards yesterday. I scrapbooked some cards today :), including this letter from 2005....


And away we go.....

1. Started dating TJ in March
2. Played Paintball for the first time in May
3. Got engaged to TJ(same day!!)
4. Went to New York to see my cousin get married in July.
5. Went to Fort Knox, Kentucky in August to visit TJ at Boot Camp(he joined the Army in May!)
6. Turned 30. Yay!
7. Went back to Kentucky to see TJ graduate in September and then brought him home for 2 weeks before he left for Ft. Riley, Kansas in October.
8. Went to Busch Gardens a few times(got a pass!, including Thanksgiving Day.
9. Planned to marry TJ the day before Thanksgiving because he was told he was deploying to Iraq December 11.
10. Postponed wedding because we have no idea now when he is deploying !!!

Mom is fine in "sunny" California
Mama Kitty and A.J. are good and got their shots
Tom and Katie are engaged, Brad and Jen divorced, and Britney had a baby.

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