Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Letter 2009

Okay, I just realized I posted all of my archived Christmas letters :) And since I have sent out my cards and letters I have decided it is time to inveil this year's Christmas letter so here it is.........

Back by popular demand it's.....
(I want to apologize for the absence of the letter last year. It should not happen again).
Let's get to it...
1. Continued working at my fabulous job in the world's best elementary school.
2. Took a trip to New England to see new friends get married.
3. Discovered the amazing DaddyCakes cupcakes in Topeka!!
4. Participated in the thrill of Black Friday by getting up at 2am to get to Old Navy at 3am then proceeded to hit up many other sales from there.
5. Rode in a parade on TJ's motorcycle and made a couple of long rides with him.
6. Had a cold for about 2 months, including a possible bout of flu.
7. Made an unexpected trip home to California in November.
8. Joined Facebook and have found so many people from my past that it's scary!!
9. Faithfully updated my blog which you can read at WWW.blogspot.robyncarebear.com

On a sad note, as many of you know, my mom passed away November 15th. On a happier note...
TJ is doing fine and training up for likely deployment next year.
My cat, Scout, wants you to know that he loves to go outside.
Jon and Kate ..... not doing so great.(Ha! That rhymed!!)

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Ann said...

What a long list of things done and to do,

Sorry about the passing of your mum. It is still early days, so this Christmas, you will miss her very much.