Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Traditions

This from a post I did on MySpace 2 years ago. Thought I would recycle it here!!

Okay, I stole this blog topic from my friend, Kim(I have stolen a couple from her I think). She writes very insightful, though-provoking, and often humorous blogs so check her out....www.kimskronicles.com

Anyway, growing up, my family had some Christmas traditions. They are as follows...

1. We went to church. Usually on Christmas day, but then we changed it to Christmas Eve and even a couple times to Midnight Mass. We were Catholic so church on Christmas was a must. Our church had a big nativity scene they set up on one side of the alter.

2. We put up our tree the weekend before Christmas. I think this originally was because we got a real one and wanted it to look nice for Christmas. My parents would buy it earlier and prop it up against the big rubber tree in the backyard and water it to keep it healthy. Even after we got an artificial tree we waited until the weekend before Christmas to put it up. We always put the glass beells on first because they had to hang from a sturdy branch. We always put "Kelly" a 100+ year old family heirloom near the top. We had an angel instead of a star. We also had this little horn that you could actually blow on and make sound come out and I was aloud to blow it once or twice before it went on the tree.

3. We always put out our beautiful nativity set.

4. We had a set of 3 elves that we always tried to find interesting places to put them every year. I took these with me and added a 4th. This year they are on top of a shelf in the diningroom. We also had a little dog ornament named alphie that hung from the chandelier above the dining table. I took him, too, and he is hanging in my diningroom.

5. I hung my stocking on Christmas Eve and Santa always brought me an apple and orange(among other things).

6. A few days before Christmas my dad would take me out to look at Christmas lights. After he died, my mom took me a couple times. When I could drive I went by myself. I continued this in Florida and here in Kansas last year.

7. A few years ago I made my mom start a tradition of buying me pajamas for Christmas and I open them on Christmas Eve.

8. My grandma used to make Kolacky cookies at Christmas -- orange and prune filled ones. I picked up this tradition, but I use other flavors, too.

9. My mom would make fruit bread(not fruitcake -- it was BREAD) and cinnamon bread and on Christmas Eve we would take it to all our relatives' homes in Whittier(we all pretty much lived there).

10. Okay, this is not really a tradition, but one year before I was born my mom made ornaments for all her cousins, young and old, so when I was born, for my first Christmas EVERYONE gave me an ornament. I have them all.

The only tradition my mom still does is the pajama thing and go to church. I have continued the traditions of cookie making, elf and Alfie placing, Christmas light viewing and putting up a nativity set. Last year I also made ornaments for a lot of my relatives. When I have kids I plan to also do the pajamas on Christmas Eve, hanging stockings and giving them an apple and an orange. We only go to church on Christmas or Christmas Eve if it is on a Sunday. In the Mormon church that is the only day we have church. My husband and I may come up with some traditions of our own. I don't know what he did as a kid. Last night we went to a tree lighting ceremony so I'd like to keep that a tradition, but only when we both can go. I also made him pick out a stocking today and I am going to decorate it for him.

This will be our second Christmas actually together. I wish we could spend it in our own home, but this year we have to go and see his family(since we used Thanksgiving to see mine!!).

So, what are some other people's traditions???

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